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MFP-3D Stand Alone AFM (Asylum Research)

Contact: milab.chemistry [at] (Mohini Ramkaran) - Location: OM21A

Faces scheduling system group: MU_CHEM_AFM

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Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM) allows for visualisation and measurements based on 3D data and probe-sample interactions of surface structures. Methods, in addition to imaging include but not limited to: mechanical characterization (lateral force, force modulation), electrical (conducting AFM, piezo force), magnetic, optical (near field Raman, IR).


  • Maximum Lateral (X-Y) scan range 90 x 90 μm, Vertical (Z) range 40 μm, Closed-loop control
  • Maximum sample size: 86 mm x 38 mm, 5mm thick
  • Noise level: < 0.06 nm (Z height)
  • Operation modes:
  • Contact Mode
  • AC Mode (Tapping Mode)
  • Phase Imaging
  • Force Mode (Contact Mode and AC mode)
  • Lateral Force Mode (LFM)
  • Environmental control:
  • iDrive Fluid imaging
  • Closed fluid cell (allows for fluid exchange)
  • Bioheater (ambient to 80 °C)
  • Humidity sensing cell
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