Please note that all guides and instructions listed here are appropriate for the instruments in the McGill MC2 facility only and may not be appropriate for other facilities. User should follow the instructions and operate the instrument with great care.

Magnetic resonance

PDF icon Introduction to NMR facility

PDF icon How to use Bruker spectrometers

PDF icon Instructions for Varian 300 MHz NMR

PDF icon Quick guide for Varian 400 and 500

PDF icon Full instructions for Varian 400 and 500

PDF icon Instructions for QANUC 500 (note: these instructions are only applicable to users working through the chemistry NMR/EPR facility - if Tara Sprules has given you instructions directly, follow them!)

PDF icon Overview of using solid-state NMR instrument, including a sample experimental write-up

Dealing with a broken NMR or EPR sample

See technical tips for more details about tuning, experiments available, and other information and software for information about supported software packages and download links.

X-ray diffraction

PDF icon Using the PXRD instrument

Thermal analysis and spectroscopy

PDF icon DSC Q2000

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