Microscopy and Imaging

  • Bruker Nanoscope Analysis v1.90r1sr2 (contact milab.chemistry [at] (subject: Nanoscope%20Analysis%20request) (Mohini) for download link)

Magnetic resonance

Workshops are run periodically about using TopSpin and Mnova.  Material is available on the Workshops page.

Bruker TopSpin

Mestrelab Mnova

  • Mnova download link (contact nmr.chemistry [at] (subject: Mnova%20software%20license%20request) (Kirill) for license)
  • MestreLab Lite CDE download link (requires an account with PerkinElmer for downloading the latest version of ChemOffice, but the MestreLab Lite CDE program is a standalone program.  Contact Robin for the license key)
  • You must connect to the McGill VPN or be on campus at least once every 90 days to run Mnova.  Instructions for installing the VPN are available from the McGill IT Services Knowledge Base.


Thermal analysis and spectroscopy

X-ray diffraction

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