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Max Bell School's MPP is an intensive 11-month program which requires students to dedicate themselves full-time to their studying in order to succeed. As such, students should budget for both tuition costs, fees and the cost of living in Montreal. The following sections outline the tuition and fees required to study at the Max Bell School as well as the various funding sources available to students. The Max Bell School is focused on making its program accessible and is committed to providing financial assistance to its students. Details on these scholarships and other sources of funding are also available below.

Fees and Costs

Tuition costs are the same for both international and domestic students while health and dental insurance costs differ.


Fall Term

Winter Term

Summer Term


Tuition Costs

$ 11,760 $ 15,540 $ 10,500 $ 37,800*

*The total tuition cost does not include ancillary and insurance fees. Tuition costs are based on the number of credits registered for at $840 per credit.

Accepted candidates are required to make a non-refundable deposit of $4,000 CAD to secure their place in the program.  This non-refundable deposit will be applied towards their fall tuition.

All degree students may apply for a Fee Deferral if they meet the criteria outlined.  In particular, government aid recipients and international students experiencing transfer delays are able to postpone all or part of their tuition and ancillary fees without incurring interest or penalties.

Detailed Breakdown of Max Bell School Tuition 2022-2023 

The Max Bell MPP is one of the most cost-competitive MPP programs among leading universities given the program takes less than a year to complete and the affordable cost of living in Montreal. For a detailed comparative breakdown consult the following link.

Please note that in the table below the student society, student services, general administrative charges and ancillary fees, as well as insurance fees, are based on costs for the 2021-2022 academic year, with final 2022-2023 fees to be confirmed in spring 2022.

  Fall Term Winter Term Summer Term  
Average # of credits per year 14.00 18.5 12.5  
Tuition ($840 per credit) $11,760.00 $15,540.00 $10,500.00  
Student Society and Other Fees $181.39 $97.66 0.00  
Student Services / Athletics $322.09 $322.09 0.00  
Registration, Transcripts & Diploma, General Administrative Charges $202.37 $159.45 $170.58  
Copyright Fee $14.42 $19.06 $12.88  
Information Technology Charge $123.48 $132.30 $110.25  

Total Fees

$12,617.75 $16,289.06 $10,806.21 $39,668.02


McGill University Health and Dental Insurance Fees for 2021-2022**

  International Students Canadian Students
International Health Insurance (single rate) $ 1,047.00  
PGSS Dental Insurance International Students (students may opt-out under certain conditions) $ 200.00  
PGSS Health & Dental Insurance Canadian Students (students may opt-out under certain conditions)   $ 575.00
Total $ 1,247.00 $ 575.00

**Paid in the fall term for coverage from Sept 1 to Aug 31

Note: Ancillary and insurance fees are based on costs for the 2021-2022 academic year and are subject to change.


Total Cost of MPP Program Including Fees and Insurance

  Fall Winter Summer TOTAL
International Students $13,864.75 $16.289.06 $10,806.21 $40,960.02
Canadian Students $13,192.75 $16,289.06 $10,806.21 $40,288.02

Cost of Living and Tuition Comparative Table

Canadian Dollars (CDN)

School City Number of Years to Complete the MPP Tuition for Domestic Students MPP  Tuition for International Students MPP Rent Costs*
School of Public Policy - London School of Economics and Political Science London, England 2 Years $73,368 CDN $73,368 CDN $48,796 CDN
School of Public Policy and Global Affairs - University of British Columbia Vancouver, British Columbia 2 Years $47,475 CDN $79,186 CDN $24,310 CDN
The School of Public Policy - University of Calgary Calgary, Alberta 1 Year $22,542 CDN $35,350 CDN $15,402 CDN
The Goldman School of Public Policy - University of California Berkeley Berkeley, California 2 Years $74,810 CDN $108,025 CDN $36,080 CDN
John F. Kennedy School of Government (Harvard Kennedy School) - Harvard University Cambridge, Massachusetts 2 Years $130,411 CDN $130,411 CDN $44,919 CDN
Max Bell School of Public Policy - McGill University Montréal, Quebec 1 Year $37,800 CDN $37,800 CDN $12,255 CDN
Blavatnik School of Government - University of Oxford Oxford, England 1 Year $68,336 CDN $68,336 CDN $31,879 CDN
School of Policy Studies - Queen's University Kingston, Ontario 1 Year $14,500 CDN $44,843 CDN $12,660 CDN
Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy - University of Toronto Toronto, Ontario 2 Years $35,360 CDN $83,020 CDN $29,510 CDN

The table shows costs in Canadian dollars as of June 2020. The table is also based on data accessed in June 2020 and reflects the tuition rates at the above institutions for the 2020/21 year. 

* Rent costs are estimated total costs for the duration of the program based on 2018 costs.

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