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Socialist (In)security: The Politics of Pensions in Communist and Post-Communist Russia

1 Oct 2020 15:00

Twentieth-century Eastern European socialist economies promised comprehensive welfare benefits “from the cradle to the grave,” including generous state pensions, and had some of the lowest pension ages in the world; however, the expense of this agenda is often pointed to as a long-term cause of the collapse of these economies and its legacy as a drain on post-communist successors states’ budgets.

Policy Lecture with Yann Allard-Tremblay

29 Oct 2020 15:00

Details regarding the webinar to follow. 

This webinar is for Max Bell School MPP students only. See our Fall 2020 Policy Lecture Series for other webinars that are open to the public.

Policy Making and China

12 Nov 2020 15:00

Details regarding the webinar to follow. 

About Howard Balloch

Howard Balloch was Canada’s ambassador to China from 1996 to 2001. Since then, he has remained in China as a merchant banker. The firm he founded in 2001 was acquired in 2011 by global investment bank Canaccord Genuity. Today, Howard Balloch is Chairman of Canaccord Genuity Asia, and oversees the firm’s expansions there.

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