Transnational Labour Law to start on January 10, 2023

1 Jan 2023

We are pleased to announce the eminent launching of our advanced seminar, Transnational Labour Law, which will be co-taught by Professor Adelle Blackett and Julia Selman-Ayetey. The seminar centres the corpus of international labour standards emanating primarily from the organization that survived the League of Nations to become a United Nations specialized agency, the International Labour Organization (ILO).

In a focused initiative to foster links with the Institute for Air and Space Law (IASL) and in recognition of the importance of transportation to transnational labour governance, the first half of the course includes dedicated attention to the transnational dimensions of airline labour law.

The topics aim to enable an understanding of transnational labour law and offer the seminar’s participants a thorough overview of transnational labour law’s core sites, including corporate social responsibility for labour conditions, the pluralist legal challenges of labour market informality and the interpretation of labour norms.

The 12-week lecture series reunites experts in the field, from academia to core institutions.

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