Professor Adelle Blackett presents the IACL preliminary report on Contemporary Forms of Slavery, Including Causes and Consequences with LLDRL post-doctoral fellow, Laura Dehaibi and LLDRL DCL Candidate, Julia Selman-Ayetey

24 Oct 2022

On the occasion its General Congress in Asunción, Professor Blackett hosted a panel in her capacity as the IACL’s General Rapporteur on “Contemporary Forms of Slavery, Including Causes and Consequences”. She was joined by special national rapporteurs Laura Dehaibi (Perú), Julia Selman-Ayetey (Ghana), Yves Goguen (Canada), Shahrzad Fouladvand (United Kingdom) and chair Tim Webster.

The report is a comprehensive, comparative study to build a distinct typology on the ways in which the language of contemporary slavery is understood legally, one that enables an assessment of the potential pitfalls that arise when the significance of racial capitalism to historical understanding of slavery is divorced from contemporary articulations. The distinct contribution of the report is to encourage reflection on how it is that legal disciplines –and in particular, labour law—have come to understand and frame freedom without acknowledging or reckoning with their emergence through overlapping forms of unfreedom.

The report is co-authored with Professor Laura Dehaibi, on the basis of responses to a detailed questionnaires from special national rapporteurs from around the world.

The report is upcoming.


Projection reacding panel details with presenter name Prof. Adelle Blackett

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