Critical Contemporary Slavery and the Law panel at the LSA Global Meeting

13 Jul 2022

During the Law & Society Association’s annual meeting, dedicated to the theme ‘Rage, Reckoning, & Remedy’, Professor Adelle Blackett chaired a panel foregrounding the upcoming IACL General Report on “Contemporary Forms of Slavery, Including Causes and Consequences”. The panel was given life by the brilliant contributions of seven special national reporteurs, that is:

  • Discontinuities between historic slavery and ‘modern slavery’ in the Commonwealth Caribbean: Contending with the past, preparing for the future’ by Professor Jason Haynes
  • Regulating unfree labour and slavery in the Swedish/nordic model for labour relations: Historicizing the role of human rights and criminal law in relation to autonomous labour regulation and the welfare state’ by Niklas Selberg and Dr. Amin Parsa
  • The legal geography of contemporary slavery: A look at illegal mining in South America’ by Professor Laura Dehaibi
  • Contemporary forms of slavery and servitude in Canada: Causes, consequences and recent legal remedies’ by Professor Yves Goguen
  • Practices similar to servitude in Ghana: Myth or reality?’ by Julia Selman-Ayetey
  • Colonial imperialist origins and legacies concerning modern slavery: The case of Germany’ by Dr. Heiner Fechner
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