Michael Wagner

Department Chair

Office: 1085 Dr. Penfield | room #113
Office Hours:  By appointment 
chael [at]

Alternative Chair contact in case of COI:  junko.shimoyama [at] (Junko Shimoyama)

Junko Shimoyama

Undergraduate Program Director
Office: 1085 Dr. Penfield | room #219
Office Hours: by appointment
email: junko.shimoyama [at] (Junko Shimoyama)

Meghan Clayards

Graduate Program Director
Office: 1085 Dr. Penfield | room #201
Office Hours:  by appointment
meghan.clayards [at]

Alternative GPD contact in case of COI: junko.shimoyama [at] (Junko Shimoyama)

Morgan Sonderegger  

Graduate Admissions & Funding Director  
Office: 1085 Dr. Penfield | room #227
Office Hours:  by appointment
morgan.sonderegger [at] 


Administrative Staff

Andria De Luca

Administrative Student Affairs Coordinator
1085 Dr. Penfield | room #111
(514) 398-1723
andria.de_luca [at] (E-mail Andria)

Office Hours:  By appointment 

Angela Fotopoulos

Area Manager (Student Affairs)
680 Sherbrooke W. | room #0425
(514) 398-5284
angela.fotopoulos [at] (E-mail Angela)

Office Hours:  By appointment 

Lina Trivino

           Area Manager (Finance)
           lina.trivino [at] (E-mail Lina)

           Office Hours: By appointment

Victor Mayer

           Administrative Coordinator HR & Ops
           (514) 398-3650 or (514) 399-9441
           ovidiu.iacobmayer [at] (E-mail Victor)



Name Specializations
Luis Alonso-Ovalle Semantics, Pragmatics, Spanish
Charles Boberg Language Variation and Change, Dialectology, North American English
Meghan Clayards (she/her) Phonetics, Speech Perception
Jessica Coon (she/her) Syntax, Morphology, Mayan languages, Field Methodology, Language Documentation
James A. Crippen Morphology, Syntax, Syntactic Interfaces, Information Structure, Tlingit and Na-Dene (Dene-Eyak-Tlingit) languages, North American Indigenous Languages, Field Methodology, Language Documentation, Research Ethics
Brendan Gillon Semantics, Pragmatics, Sanskrit Linguistics, Chinese (Mandarin and Classical)
Heather Goad (she/her) Phonology, First Language Acquisition, Second Language Acquisition
Martina Martinović  Syntax, Morphology, Field Methodology, West African languages
Timothy O'Donnell Computational Models of Language Learning and Processing, Mathematical Linguistics, Probabilistic Inference
Siva Reddy Linguistically-Informed Deep Learning, Computational Syntax and Semantics, Biases in Deep Learning Models
Bernhard Schwarz Semantics, Pragmatics, German
Junko Shimoyama (she/her) Syntax, Syntax/Semantics Interface, East Asian Languages
Morgan Sonderegger Phonology, Phonetics, Computational Linguistics, Language Variation and Change, Quantitative Methods
Francisco Torreira Phonetics, Intonation, Prosody, Interactional Linguistics
Michael Wagner (he/him) Prosody/Syntax, Prosody/Semantics, Phonology, Language Processing

Emeritus Professors

Name Specializations
Michel Paradis Bilingualism, Neurolinguistics, Psycholinguistics
Glyne Piggott Phonological Theory, Historical Phonology, Morphology, Amerindian (Ojibwa)
Lisa Travis Syntax, Morphology, Language Variation and Language Change, Austronesian (Malagasy, Tagalog)
Lydia White Generative L2 Acquisition

Faculty Lecturer

To view the current list of individuals who have priority points, visit the Opportunities & Visitors page. 

Winter 2024 

Andrei Munteanu

Office: 1085 Dr. Penfield | room #322
Office Hours: Wednesdays 1:30 - 2:30 (in person) or by appointment (in person or Zoom)
Email:  andrei.munteanu2 [at]








Postdoctoral Fellows

Postdoctoral research offers recent Doctoral Degree recipients the chance to further their professional development, build on their research, and effectively transition from life as a student to that of an independent scholar. At McGill, postdoctoral candidates have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the world’s foremost professors and researchers, and to work in an environment that supports and celebrates excellence. For more information, visit the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website. 

The Linguistics Department's current Postdoctoral Fellows are listed below:


Name General Interests  Contact
Eva Portelance  Computational linguistics; cognitive science; language acquisition eva.portelance [at] (email)/website

Graduate Students


Name General Interests Contact
Brandon Chaperon Syntax, Semantics, Syntax-Semantics Interface, Fieldwork, Niger-Congo languages

brandon.chaperon [at] (e-mail)


Casandra Jones Syntax, Syntax-semantic interface, and Prosody casandra.jones [at] (e-mail )
Austin Kraft  Syntax, Semantics, Computational Linguistics, and Language Documentation and Revitalization austin.kraft [at] (e-mail)
Benjamin LeBrun

Computational Linguistics, Probabilistic and Neural Models of Natural Language, Semantics

benjamin.lebrun [at] (e-mail)
Simon LiVolsi  Phonological theory, Laboratory Phonology, Prosody, Syntax, and Optimality Theory simon.livolsi [at] (e-mail )
Jackson Mundie (he/him) Language variation and change, dialectology, sociolinguistics, and quantitative methods jackson.mundie [at] (e-mail)
Zlata Odribets (she/her) Syntax, Morphology, and Field Methodology zlata.odribets [at] (e-mail)
Sabrina Wang Syntax, Semantics, Prosody, East Asian Languages, and Computational Linguistics [at] (e-mail)


Name General Interests Contact
Laurestine Bradford (she/her) Semantics, Mathematical and Computational Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Language and Mathematics laurestine.bradford [at] (e-mail)
George Bennett  Syntax, Morphology, Prosody, Information Structure, and Scandinavian languages george.bennett [at] (e-mail) 
Jeanne Brown

Sociolinguistics, Language variation and change, Phonetics and Laboratory Phonology

jeanne.brown [at] (e-mail)
Xuanda Chen Speech Prosody, Sound Change, Prosody and Pragmatics Interface and Computational Linguistics xuanda.chen [at] (e-mail)
Amanda Doucette Phonology, Phonetics, Computational Linguistics, Cognitive Modeling

amanda.doucette [at] (e-mail)


Terrance Gatchalian Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics, Language Documentation and Revitalization, and Fieldwork

terrance.gatchalian [at] (e-mail)


Jacob Hoover Computational Psycholinguistics, Probabilistic Modelling, Syntax jacob.hoover [at] (e-mail)
Jing Ji Syntax, Semantics, Mandarin Chinese, Computational linguistics

jing.ji [at] (e-mail)


William Johnston Syntax, Semantics, Fieldwork, Event Structure, Hmong-Mien Languages

william.johnston4 [at] (e-mail)


Gaurav Kamath Semantics, NLP, Computational Linguistics, Expressive Language 

gaurav.kamath [at] (e-mail)


Andrea Kim (they) Phonetics, Phonology, Historical linguistics, Socio-cultural linguistics [at] (e-mail)
Luané Lennox Syntax, Semantics, Information Structure, Fieldwork, Typology, Austronesian Languages, Germanic Languages luane.lennox [at] (e-mail)
Kuilin Li Phonetics, Speech Production and Perception, Speech Imitation and Acquisition, Computational Linguistics [at] (e-mail) 
Massimo Lipari Corpus Phonetics, Language Variation and Change, Phonetics-Phonology Interface, Quebec French massimo.lipari [at] (e-mail)
Esmail Moghiseh Semantics, Pragmatics, Farsi esmail.moghiseh [at] (e-mail)
Katya Morgunova Syntax, Syntax-Semantics Interface, Fieldwork ekaterina.morgunova [at] (e-mail)
Willie Myers Fieldwork, Syntax, Language Documentation and Revitalization

willie.myers [at] (e-mail)


Olivia Oppong Phonetics, Phonology, Syntax-Prosody Interface, Ghanaian Languages olivia.oppong [at] (e-mail)
Jonathan Palucci Semantics, Pragmatics, Mathematical Linguistics and Logic, Syntax jonathan.palucci [at] (e-mail)
Clinton Parker Syntax, Language Documentation and Revitalization, Corpus Linguistics, Iranian Languages

clinton.parker [at] (e-mail)

Cheman Baira A Sangma Phonology, Phonetics, Syntax-Phonology Interface, Phonetics-Phonology Interface, Phonological Acquisition cheman.asangma [at] (e-mail)
Irene Smith Phonetics, variation, corpus linguistics, quantitative methods irene.smith [at] (email)
Michaela Socolof Syntax, Computational Linguistics, Fieldwork

michaela.socolof [at] (e-mail)

Connie Ting

Phonetics, Phonology, Speech Perception and Production, Language Acquisition

connie.ting [at] (e-mail)


Weiyi Zhai Speech Perception, Second Language Acquisition, Phonetics, Phonology, East Asian languages weiyi.zhai [at] (e-mail)
Wei Zhang Phonetics, Prosody, Speech Perception and Production, Quantitative Methods wei.zhang16 [at] (e-mail)

Award Recipients

On behalf of the Department of Linguistics, we are pleased to announce the recipients for: the In-House Undergraduate Student Awards, the Cremona Memorial Prize in Linguistics and the Lara Riente Memorial Prize in Linguistics. Visit the Undergraduate and Graduate pages for more details.

Academic Leadership Award

2022 | Tallis Clark

2021 | Clara Saliba 

2020 | Avleen Mokha

2019 | Megan Deegan

2018 | Oscar Costa

2017 | Lydia Felice

2016 | Daniel Biggs

2015 | September Cowley

2014 | Lauren Garfinkle

2013 | Olivia Ait-Bella

2012 | Hannah Pinsky

2010 | Jonathan Abramsohn

2009 | Katherine Anne McCurdy

Cremona Memorial Prize

2022 | Amelia Clayton

2021 | Aliza Ellner

2020 | Emma Gibson

2019 | Beini Wang

2018 | Gabriel Daitzschman

2017 | Vincent Rouillard

2016 | Michaela Socolof

2015 | Louisa Bielig

2014 | Misha Schwartz

2013 | Madeleine Leto Revill

2012 | Elise McClay

2012 | Erin Olson

2011 | Aron Zachary Hirsch

2009 | Edwin Howard

2008 | Marc Garellek

2007 | Megan Sabsay Tylee

2006 | Bronwyn Bjorkman

2005 | Margaret Ann Grant

2004 | Janet Nielsen

2003 | Anicka Ruth Fast

Department Citizenship Award

2022| Ray Marks

2021| Sarah Denomy

2020 | Benjamin Foster

2019 | Hayley Ostrega

2018 | Maya Keshav

2017 | Jacob Schermer

2016 | Christopher Burnett

2015 | Marjorie Labelle

2014 | Andrew MacLachlan

2013 | Roseanne Lau

2012 | Madeleine Revill

2011 | Maude Poirier-Caron

2010 | David Max Fromstein

2009 | Laura Kalin

2008 | Blakey Larsen

2007 | Michelle St-Amour

Excellence in Research Award

2022 | Benjamin Lebrun

2021 | Sijia Zhang

2020| Emily Baylor

2019 | Michael Goodale

2018 | Yunxiao (Vera) Xia

2017 | Sarah Mihuc

2016 | Cora Lesure

2015 | Liam Bassford

2014 | Louisa Bielig

2013 | Thomas Kettig

2012 | Erica J. Yoon

2011 | Tingchun Chen

2010 | Steffani Maartje Scheer

2009 | Anna Howell

2008 | Meaghan Fowlie

2007 | Gwen Gillingham

Lara Riente Memorial Prize

2023 | Michaela Socolof

2022 | Mathieu Paillé

2021 | Justin Royer

2020 | James Tanner

2019 | Juric Bozic

2018 | Donghyun Kim

2017 | Guilherme Duarte Garcia

2016 | Hye-Young Bang

2015 | Daniel Goodhue

2014 | Michael Hamilton and Oriana Kilbourn-Ceron

2013 | Brian Buccola

2012 | Alexandra Simonenko and Jozina Vander Klok

2011 | Walter Andrew Pedersen

2010 | Öner Özçelik

2009 | Eva Dobler

2008 | Alyona Belikova

2007 | Tobin Skinner

2006 | Naoko Tomioka

2005 | Heather Sarah Newell

2004 | Theres Grüter

2003 | Josée Poirier

U2 Academic Achievement Award

2022 | Kevin Fan

2021 | Amanda Alicandro

2021 | Emily Mayes

2020 | David Shanks

2019 | Aliza Ellner

2018 | Beini Wang

2017 | Fiona Higgins

2016 | Eva Portelance

2015 | Michaela Socolof

2014 | Elena Russo

2013 | Jessica Lilly Cooper

2012 | Douglas Herrick

2011 | Claire Rebecca St George

2010 | David Adam Simons

2009 | Jonathan Abramsohn

2009 | Tingchun Chen

2008 | Laura Kalin

2007 | Meredith Tamminga

In Memoriam

Irena Findeisen-Bellert (1919-2017)

Hiroko Hagiwara (1955-2015)

Nicole Domingue (1932-2011)

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