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The focus of research and teaching in the Department of Linguistics at McGill University is on theoretical and experimental linguistics, with special emphasis on the understanding of language diversity and how this diversity may be related to a universal underlying linguistic competence.

For information on current and on-going research projects and grants in the department, please see individual faculty pages and our projects and grants page.

McGill Working Papers in Linguistics

McGWPL is a biannual publication run by the graduate students of McGill University's Linguistics Department. It features papers by students and faculty members of the McGill Linguistics Department as well as those by students and faculty from other universities in the greater Montreal area. Topics include phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, first and second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics. Current issue, archives and submission guidelines available on the McGWPL website.


McGill Working Papers in Linguistics
1085 Dr. Penfield Avenue
Montreal, QC Canada H3A 1A7

mcgwpl.linguistics [at]


This information is compiled as part of a year-end departmental report, and information from the most recent year may not yet be available. For more recent publications, please see individuals' webpages, and news updates on McLing.

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