Below are thesis titles and information about current or recent positions of McGill PhD alumni, organized by year of completion. Though we try to keep this information up to date, please get in touch if you notice missing or out-of-date information.


PARKER, Clinton 
A Grammar of the Shughni Language


HARADA, Masashi (Assistant Professor, Williams College)
Locality effects in composition with plurals and conjunctions

MARTENS, Gouming
What about those B-accents and hat patterns? Form and meaning of contrastive topics in English, Dutch, and German

PAILLÉ, Mathieu (Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Calgary)
Strengthening Predicates

ROYER, Justin (Banting Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley)
Elements of (in)definiteness and binding: A Mayan perspective


JIANG, Bing'er (Postdoctoral Fellow, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm)
Computational and behavioural approaches to understanding perception of speech variability


HSIEH, Henrison (Postdoctoral Fellow, National University of Singapore)
Beyond nominative: a broader view of Tagalog A’-dependencies

LAMONTAGNE, Jeffrey (Assistant Professor, Department of French and Italian, Indiana University)
Interaction in phonological variation: Grammatical insights from a corpus-based approach.

TANNER, James (Research Analyst, Data Sciences)
Structured variability across dialects and speakers of English and Japanese


GENTILE, Francesco
Modal adjectives and the grammar of non-local modification

SMEETS, Liz (Assistant Professor, York University)
Conditions on L1 transfer in L2 discourse-syntax mappings: The case of Clitic Left Dislocation in Italian and Romanian

SU, Jiajia (Lecturer (tenure track), National Research Center for Foreign Language Education, Bejing Foreign Studies University)
Plurality in second language Chinese


BANG, Hye-Young
The Structure of Multiple Cues to Stop Categorization and its implications for sound change

GOODHUE, Daniel (Postdoctoral Associate, Department of Linguistics, University of Maryland)
On Asking and Answering Biased Polar Questions

KIM, Donghyun (Assistant professor, Department of English Language and Literature, Kyungpook National University)
Individual differences in plasticity in speech perception

MORTAZAVINIA, Marzieh (Sepideh) 
Second language acquisition of the semantics of focus-sensitive presupposition triggers in English and Persian


KILBOURN-CERON, Oriana (Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University)
Speech production planning affects variation in external sandhi

GARCIA, Guilherme D.  (Assistant Professor, Université Laval)
Weight effects on stress: lexicon and grammar


On the interpretation of reflexive pronouns

KLASSEN, Jeffrey (Lecturer, University of Saskatchewan)
Second  language acquisition of focus prosody in English and Spanish

2015 - 2011


BUCCOLA, Brian (Assistant Professor, Michigan State University)
Maximality in the semantics of modified numerals

HAMILTON, Michael (Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University)
The Syntax of Mi’gmaq: A configurational account

tokuma [at] (OKUMA, Tokiko)  (Associate Professor, Faculty of Humanities, Law and Economics & Graduate School of Humanities & Social Science, MIE University, Japan)
Overt Pronoun Constraint effects in second language Japanese


PEDERSEN, Walter (Research & Development, 3D Graphics)
Inchoative verbs and adverbial modifcation: Decompositional and scalar approaches

SIMONENKO, Alexandra (Sasha) (Associate Professor, Department of Linguistics, Ghent University)
Grammatical ingredients of definiteness


BELIKOVA, Alyona (University of Calgary)
Getting L2 Reflexive and Reciprocal Verbs Right

QU, Chen
Representation and acquisition of the tonal system of Mandarin Chinese


BOUCHARD, David-Étienne (Professeur, Collège Montmorency)
Long-distance degree quantification and the grammar of subjectivity

LOCHBIHLER, Bethany Christina
Aspects of argument licensing

ÖZCELIK, Öner (Associate Professor, Central Eurasian Studies; Adjunct Professor, Second Language Studies, Indiana University)
Representation and acquisition of stress: The case of Turkish

SUGIMURA, Mina (Associate Professor Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan)
Domain extension: A study of restructuring predicates in Japanese and the role of head movement

VANDER KLOK, Jozina (Postdoctoral Fellow, Humbolt University)
Tense, aspect, and modal markers in Paciran Javanese


BRANNEN, Kathleen (Chargée de cours, École de langues, Université du Québec à Montréal)
The perception and production of interdental fricatives in second-language acquisition

MAH, Jennifer (Lecturer, Mount Royal University, Calgary; Research Associate, Language Research Centre, University of Calgary)
Segmental representations in interlanguage grammars: the case of francophones and English /h/

2010 - 2001


L2 Acquisition of Russian Aspect

SKINNER, Tobin (Team Lead, Software Development, Amilia)
Investigations of Downward Movement

Binding and control: the unified approach


NEWELL, Heather Sarah (Professeure de Linguistique, Université du Québec à Montréal)
Aspects of the morphology and phonology of phases

UMEDA, Mari Associate Professor (Faculty of International Communication, Gunma Prefectural Woman’s University)
Second language acquisition of Japanese wh-constructions


MCCARTHY, Corrine (Information Technology Specialist/Research Analyst, Thomas Nelson Community College)
Morphological variability in second language Spanish


BALE, Alan (Associate Professor of Linguistics, Concordia University)
The universal scale and the semantics of comparison

GRÜTER, Theres (Professor, Department of Second Language Studies, University of Hawai'i at Manoa)
Object clitics and null objects in the acquisition of French

TOMIOKA, Naoko (Data Scientist, Clio – Cloud-Based Legal Technology)
Resultative constructions: cross-linguistic variation and the syntax-semantics interface

UNGUREANU, Mona Luisa (Professeure d'anglais, Université de Moncton)
DP-internal structure and movement in Romanian


CONRADIE, Simone (Lecturer, Department of General Linguistics, Stellenbosch University)
Verb movement parameters in Afrikaans: Investigating the Full Transfer Full Access hypothesis

GOLDBERG, Lotus (Professor of Language and Linguistics, Brandeis University)
Verb-stranding VP ellipsis: a cross-linguistic study

KAYAMA, Yuhko (Department of Asian Studies, University of Manitoba)
Second language acquisition of Japanese relative clauses

VALENZUELA, Elena (Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics, University of Ottawa)
L2 ultimate attainment and the syntax-discourse interface: the acquisition of topic constructions in non-native Spanish and English


Mood and functional projections

HOSOI, Hironobu (Professor, Gunma Prefectural Women's University)
Internally headed construction in Japanese: a unified approach


CARDOSO, Walcir (Professor, Department of Education, Concordia University)
Topics in the phonology of Picard

GÜREL, Ayse (Professor, Foreign Language Education Department, Bogazici University)
Linguistic characteristics of second language acquisition and first language attrition: overt versus null pronouns

INAGAKI, Shunji (Professor, Doshisha University)
Transfer and learnability in second language argument structure: Motion verbs with locational/directional PPs in L2 English and Japanese

LEUNG, Ingrid
Functional categories in second and third language acquisition: a cross linguistic study of acquisition of English and French by Chinese and Vietnamese speakers

KOSLOWSKA MACGREGOR, Martyna (Maitre de langue, Université du Québec à Montréal)
The state of near-native grammar: A study of aspect in L2 Polish

MELLANDER, EVAN (Translator; German, English, Czech)
A prosodic theory of prominence and rhythm

STEELE, Jeffrey Wayne (Associate Professor, Department of French, University of Toronto)
Representation and phonological licencing in the L2 acquisition of prosodic structure

VINKA, Mikael (Professor, Umea University)
Causativization in North Sami


MATSUOKA, Mikinari (Associate Professor, Mie University)
Linking arguments to phrase structure: a study of passives, psych verbs, and ditransitive verbs in Japanese

PERELTSVAIG, Asya (Lecturer, Stanford University)
On the nature of intra-clausal relations: a study of copular sentences in Russian and Italian

2000 - 1991


GARAVITO, Joyce (Professor Emeritus, Hispanic Studies, Western University)
The syntax of Spanish multifunctional clitics and near-native competence

HIRAKAWA, Makiko (Professor, Chuo University)
Unaccusativity in second language Japanese and English

PAUL, Ileana (Associate Professor, Department of French Studies, Western University)
Malagasy clause structure

ROSE, Yvan (Professor, Department of Linguistics, Memorial University Newfoundland)
Headedness and prosodic licensing in the L1 acquisition of phonology


KAWASAKI, Takako (Professor, Hosei University)
Coda constraints: Optimizing representations

KIZU, Mika (Department of the Languages and Cultures of Japan and Korea, SOAS)
Unbounded dependencies in cleft constructions

PI, Chia-Yi Tony (Adminstrator, Innis College, University of Toronto; author)
Mereology in event semantics


BROWN, Cynthia
Acquisition of segmental structure: Consequences for speech perception and second language acquisition

RODIER, Dominique
Prosodic domains in optimality theory

STEWART, Osamuyimen T. (Distinguished Engineer and Chief Scientist, IBM)
Serial verb construction parameter

TANAKA, Hidekazu (Faculty of Letters, Okayama University)
Conditions on logical form derivations and representations


AMBERBER, Mengistu (Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities and Languages, University of New South Wales)
Transitivity alternations, even-types and light verbs

MONTRUL, Silvina (Professor of Linguistics, University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana)
Transitivity alternations in second language acquisition: A cross linguistic study of English, Spanish and Turkish

PREVOST, Philippe (Professor, Université François-Rabelais Tours)
Truncation in second language acquisition

ROSE, Sharon (Professor, Department of Linguistics, UCSD)
Theoretical issues in comparative Ethio-Semitic phonology and morphology

SLABAKOVA, Roumyana (Professor of Modern Languages, University of Southampton)
Zero acquisition: Second language acquisition of the parameter of aspect


CHEN, Dongdong (Associate Professor of Asian Studies, Seton Hall University)
L2 acquisition of English psych predicates by native speakers of Chinese and French

DALALAKIS, Jenny (Learning Specialist, United Nations)
Developmental language impairment: Evidence from Greek and its implications for morphological representation

NAKAMURA, Masanori (Professor, School of Business Administration, Senshu University)
Economy of chain formation

PATER, Joseph V. (Professor, Department of Linguistics, University of Massachusetts Amherst)
Consequences of constraint ranking

SHAER, Benjamin (Adjunct Professor, Department of Law and Legal Studies, Carleton University)
Making sense of tense: Tense, time reference, and linking theory


MACLACHLAN, Anna (Computational Linguist, LexisNexis)
Aspects of ergativity in Tagalog

ZUSHI, Mihoko (Associate Professor, Kanagawa University)
Long-distance dependencies


ALLEN, Shanley (Professor, University of Kaiserslautern)
Acquisition of some mechanisms of transitivity alternation in Arctic Quebec Inuktitut

Second language acquisition of reflexive binding by native speakers of Serbo-Croatian


DeFREITAS, Leslie J. (Head of Information & Audience Engagement, IFEX)
The syntax of sentential negation: Interactions with case, agreement and (in)definiteness

JUFFS, Alan (Professor of Linguistics, University of Pittsburgh)
Learnability and the lexicon in second language acquisition: Chinese learners' knowledge of English argument structure


BONNEAU, José (Attorney at Law)
The structure of internally headed relative clauses: Implications for configurationality

CAMPANA, Mark (Professor, English Department, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)
A movement theory of ergativity

LIBERT, Alan R. (Senior Lecturer, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Newcastle University, Australia)
On the distinction between syntactic and semantic case

NOONAN, Máire (Course lecturer, Département de linguistique et de traduction, Université de Montréal)
Case and syntactic geometry

TOURVILLE, José (Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis of Organizations)
Licensing and the representation of floating nasals


Aphasic comprehension of French causative constructions

O'MEARA, John (Professor, Education, Lakehead University)
Delaware stem morphology

TREMBLAY, Mireille (Professeure agrégée, Département de linguistique et de traduction, Université de Montréal)
Possession and datives: Binary branching from the lexicon to syntax

1990 - 1981


GUILFOYLE, Eithne (Vice President Academic Affairs, Dublin City University)
Functional categories and phrase structure parameters

KEHAYIA, Evanthia (Associate Professor, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University)
Morphological deficits in agrammatic aphasia: A comparative linguistic study

ONG, Roberto Keh
Morphological and syntactic deficits in Chinese aphasic patients


LAUBITZ, Zofia (Freelance Editor)
Coordinate and subordinate conjunctions in childern's texts

Some restrictions on Sesotho transitivizing morphemes

TELLIER, Christine (Professeure agrégée, Département de linguistique et de traduction, Université de Montréal)
Universal licensing implications for parasitic gap constructions


CHARETTE, Monik (Senior Lecturer in Linguistics, SOAS)
Some constraints on governing relations in phonology

STYAN, Evelyn M.
Sentences containing 'be': A semantic analysis of subject-predicate relations


HAGIWARA, Hiroko (Tokyo Metropolitan University)
Sentence comprehension disturbances in Japanese aphasics

LIBBEN, Gary (Vice President of Research, Brock University)
Morpheme decomposition and the mental lexicon: Evidence from the visual recognition of compounds

RACCAH, Pierre-Yves (Researcher, CNRS)
Vers une sémantique représentionnelle


A linguistically-based parsing analysis of aphasics' comprehension of referential dependencies

PRUNET, Jean-François (Professor, English Language and Literature, Kuwait University)
Spreading and locality domains in phonology

WALSH, Linda
The nature of morphological representations


Linguistic and pragmatic factors in the acquisition of text competence

HUMMEL, Kirsten M. (Professeure titulaire, Département de langues, linguistique, et traduction, Université Laval)
Bilingual memory: The effect of two languages on the retention of prose

VAN GELDEREN, Elisabeth (Regents Professor, Arizona State University)
S-bar: Its character, behavior and relationship to (i)t


Argument structure and the syntax of a non-configurational language

JOHNSON-WEINER, Karen M. (Distinguished Service Professor Emerita, SUNY, Potsdam)
The effects of right and left hemisphere damage on the comprehension of stress and intonation in English

Deductive and inductive acquisition of second language structures

THEBERGE, Raymond G. (Recteur, Université du Moncton)
Discriminating linguistic factors in reading disability


FORGET, Danielle (Professeure émérite, Département de Français, University of Ottawa)
Analyse sémantique et pragmatique du discours rapporté

1980 - 1968


WHITE, Lydia (James McGill Professor of Linguistics Emeritus, McGill University)
Grammatical theory and language acquisition


WEHRLI, Eric (Professeur, Département de Linguistique, Université de Gèneve)
Constructions infinitives: Compléments VP et leurs implications théoriques


† CANALE, W. Michael
Word order change in Old English: Base reanalysis in generative grammar

CHA, Jin Soon
Linguistic cohesion in texts: theory and description


GOLICK, Margaret
Language disorders in children: A linguistic investigation


FEURER, Hanny Marie
Questions and answers in Mohawk conversation

The phonological history of Arapaho: A study in linguistic change


GABATON SEGALOWITZ, Elizabeth, (Associate Professor, Concordia University)
Systematic variations in second language speech: A sociolinguistic study


The phonology of the Hungarian consonant system

MORIN, Jean-Yves (Professeur, Université de Montréal)
Ordonnance et mode d'application des processus syntaxiques


MOUGEON, Raymond (Centre for Research on Language, Culture, and Contact, York University)
Malbay: A sociolinguistic community study


JENSEN, John T. (Associate Professor, Linguistics, University of Ottawa)
Hungarian phonology and constraints on phonological theory


SANKOFF, Gillian (Professor, of Linguistics, University of Pennsylvania)
Social aspects of multilingualism in New Guinea





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