Full-Time Faculty at a Glance...

Morgan Sonderegger

Morgan Sonderegger, Associate ProfessorSpecializations: Phonology, Phonetics, Computational Linguistics, Language Variation and Change, Quantitative MethodsPhD: University of Chicago


Below are thesis titles and information about current or recent positions of McGill PhD alumni, organized by year of completion. Though we try to keep this information up to date, please get in...

Bernhard Schwarz

Bernhard Schwarz, Associate ProfessorSpecialization:  Semantics, pragmatics, GermanPhD: University of Massachusetts Amherst

Heather Goad

Heather Goad, Associate ProfessorSpecializations: Phonology, First Language Acquisition, Second Language AcquisitionPhD: University of Southern California

Brendan Gillon

Brendan Gillon, ProfessorSpecializations: Semantics, Pragmatics, Sanskrit Linguistics, Chinese (Mandarin and Classical)PhD: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Charles Boberg

Charles Boberg, Associate ProfessorSpecializations: Language Variation and Change, Dialectology, North American EnglishPhD: University of Pennsylvania

Michael Wagner

Michael Wagner, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Speech and Language ProcessingSpecializations: Prosody/Syntax, Prosody/Semantics, Phonology, Language ProcessingPhD: Massachusetts Institute...

Junko Shimoyama

Junko Shimoyama, Associate ProfessorSpecializations: Syntax, Syntax/Semantics Interface, East Asian LanguagesPhD: University of Massachusetts Amherst