Morgan Sonderegger

Morgan Sonderegger, Associate ProfessorSpecializations: Phonology, Phonetics, Computational Linguistics, Language Variation and Change, Quantitative MethodsPhD University of Chicago

Honours program

(60 credits) Required courses ( 24 credits) LING 201 Introduction to LinguisticsLING 330 PhoneticsLING 331 Phonology 1LING 360 Introduction to Semantics


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Bernhard Schwarz

Bernhard Schwarz, Associate ProfessorSpecialization:  Semantics, pragmatics, GermanPhD University of Massachusetts Amherst

Minor concentration in Linguistics

(18 credits) Required courses ( 9 credits) LING 201 Introduction to LinguisticsLING 330 PhoneticsLING 371 Syntax 1


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Brendan Gillon

Brendan Gillon, ProfessorSpecializations: Semantics, Pragmatics, Sanskrit Linguistics, Chinese (Mandarin and Classical)PhD Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Heather Goad

Heather Goad, Associate ProfessorSpecializations: Phonology, First Language Acquisition, Second Language AcquisitionPhD University of Southern California

Charles Boberg

Charles Boberg, Associate ProfessorSpecializations: Language Variation and Change, Dialectology, North American EnglishPhD University of Pennsylvania