Glyne Piggott

Academic title(s): 

Emeritus Professor, Department of Linguistics

Glyne Piggott
Contact Information

3460 McTavish, Room 202
Montréal, QC

Email address: 
glyne.piggott [at]

PhD, University of Toronto

Areas of expertise: 

Phonological Theory, Historical Phonology, Morphology, Amerindian (Ojibwa).

Selected publications: 

Piggott, Glyne. 2000. Against featural alignment. Journal of Linguistics 36.1: 85-129.

Piggott, Glyne. 1999. At the right edge of words. The Linguistic Review 16.2: 143-185.

Kessler, Martine and Glyne Piggott. 1999. Prosodic features of familial language impairment:  constraints on stress assignment. Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica 51: 55-69.

Piggott, Glyne. 1998. Foot form and the parsing of weightless syllables. In M. Gruber, D. Higgins, K. Olson and T. Wysocki, eds., Papers  from the  34th Regional Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society (CLS 34, Main Session),315-332. Chicago: Chicago Linguistics Society.

Humbert, Helga and Glyne Piggott. 1997. Representations and constraints:  The case of Guarani Nasal harmony.  In Geert Booij and Jeroen van de Weijer, eds., HIL Phonology Papers III, 219-256. The Hague: Holland Academic Graphics.

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