Brendan Gillon

Academic title(s): 

Professor, Department of Linguistics

Brendan Gillon
Contact Information

1085 Dr. Penfield, Room #119
Montréal, QC

Email address: 
brendan.gillon [at]
Office hours: 

Summer/22 | By appointment


PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Areas of expertise: 

Semantics, Pragmatics, Sanskrit Linguistics, Chinese (Mandarin & Classical).

Selected publications: 

Gillon, Brendan. 1999. Collectivity and distributivity internal to English noun phrases. Language Sciences 18.1-2:443-468.

Gillon, Brendan. 1996. Word order in Classical Sanskrit. Indian Linguistics 57.1:1-35.

Gillon, Brendan.  1995. Autonomy of word formation: Evidence from Classical Sanskrit. Indian Linguistics 56.1-4:15-52.

Gillon, Brendan.  1992. Towards a common semantics for English count and mass nouns. Linguistics and Philosophy 15.6:597-640.

Gillon, Brendan and R.P. Hayes. 1991. Introduction to Dharmakirti's theory of inference as presented in Pramanavarttika Svopajnavrtti 1-10. Journal of Indian Philosophy 19.1:1-73.

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