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Emerging Leaders Team

A meaningful leadership learning opportunity for students who want an experiential skill building experience. Each year we recruit for this volunteer program and provide successful candidates with training on facilitation and leadership to prepare them to take on the roles of leading our Emerging Leaders Workshops.

Our Programs

Emerging Leaders Program

A suite of interactive workshops designed for students who want to develop their leadership capacities. The workshops cover a variety of topics, are student-facilitated and can lead to program completion recognition on the CCR.

On-Demand leadership workshops

  • Emerging Leaders Workshops
  • LEVEL UP: The Changemaker's Guide to Leadership & Teamwork workshops
  • Facilitation and Leadership Skills for McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS)
  • Leadership Development workshops including Conflict Resolution, Researching Yourself: Cultivating a Leadership Mindset and Sustainable Leadership: Power and Change
  • Communication workshops

Student Testimonials

LEVEL UP: The Changemaker's Guide to Leadership & Teamwork were co-designed in 2020 and aim to support individuals and teams. Below are some of our testimonials.

I recommend Level Up to anyone working in teams, especially in leadership. Through different group-led modules and activities, this workshop gives participants the incredible opportunity to learn about what makes a cohesive, strong team. The two facilitators, Joan and Brandy, make the workshop an incredibly fun experience and before you know it, the allotted time has passed in a whirlwind of new knowledge and meaningful interactions. Register now, and I am sure you will not regret it! (Chloe Garzon, MCSS President 2021/22)

This workshop was a catalyst for us to think more intentionally about inclusion, participation, and decision-making within our team. It revealed a lot about our group dynamics and raised important points that we hadn't explicitly recognized before. It was an extremely valuable 4 hours, and would be useful for any group, new or old.  (Ayo Ogunremi, 2020/21 VP External of SSMU)

For the SSMU executive, this workshop helped us identify topics of further discussion and overall strengthened the team dynamic significantly. The content presented was deeply enriching for me and a great means of connecting us, especially as we are unable to meet in person. Any team that is in the beginning stages of collaborating together should do this workshop. (Maheen Akter, 2020/21 VP Student Life of SSMU


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