Double LLM degree with KU Leuven

Master of Laws Double Degree - McGill University and KU Leuven (Belgium)

Our innovative double degree program, which is designed to be completed in two years, offers an outstanding opportunity for students to immerse themselves in both the McGill Law and KU Leuven communities. This double degree is only open to thesis students.

The program is geared toward students who wish to continue their legal education primarily through research. Students will complete one year at McGill and one year at KU Leuven; in their second year, students will need to write one thesis that will be submitted to both McGill University and KU Leuven. (The thesis will need to comply with both universities' regulations.) After the successful evaluation of the thesis, students in the dual degree program will obtain two separate degrees.

Applicants from the French Community of Belgium, please consult information about tuition fees.

Please contact us at [at] for additional information about this program.


Requirements McGill University (September to August) KU Leuven (September to July)
Credits 45 credits
(30 research credits + 15 course credits)
60 ECTS at KU Leuven. See more details.



Required courses

9 credits:
CMPL 641 - Theoretical Approaches to Law
CMPL 610 - Legal Research Methodology 1
CMPL 611 - Legal Research Methodology 2
LAWG 601 - Communication 1
LAWG 602 - Communication 2

Research Thesis
30 credits:
CMPL 612 - Master's Thesis 1
CMPL 613 - Master's Thesis 2
CMPL 614 - Master's Thesis 3
CMPL 615 - Master's Thesis 4
CMPL 616 - Master's Thesis 5
CMPL 617 - Master's Thesis 6
Complementary credits Elective courses (6 credits)


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