Residency and Duration


Students in LLM programs must complete a minimum of three (3) full-time terms (e.g. Fall, Winter, and Summer) and 45 credits in order to satisfy the residency and program requirements. The LLM Non-Thesis and Thesis programs are full-time programs during which students are expected to devote substantially all of their time to their studies. All LLM course-based credits are to be completed during the first two semesters of registration.

In addition to the three full-time residency terms, students are subject to additional fees up to and including the term of graduation (e.g. Additional Sessions, Thesis Evaluation terms, Non-Thesis Extension terms).


Regulations and policies governing graduate student fees can be found in the fees section of the Graduate e-Calendar. For additional information about graduate student fees, including a breakdown of McGill's fee deferral policies, visit the Student Accounts website.

You will also find more information on Fees & Transcripts on McGill's Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies site.


LLM Non-Thesis students are expected to complete their program of study in 12 months (three academic terms: Fall, Winter, and Summer).

LLM Thesis students typically complete their program within 16 to 24 months.

Candidates for Master’s degrees must complete the degree within three years of initial registration, after which point the student will be withdrawn from the University.

Consult McGill's Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies' Time Limitation policy for additional information.

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