Regulating Global Supply Chains

Vendredi, 11 mars, 2022 10:30à12:30

About /lawCatégorie: Faculté de droit

Power & Pay in the C-Suite

Lundi, 7 mars, 2022 13:00à14:30

(En anglais seulement) Over the past few decades, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) pay has risen spectacularly, as has debate regarding why this has occurred and whether policy should or can correct...

Intellectual Property's New Frontier: Artificial Intelligence as Author and Inventor

Vendredi, 18 février, 2022 13:00à14:45

(En anglais seulement) AI and people do not compete on a level-playing field. Self-driving vehicles may be safer than human drivers, but laws often penalize such technology./lawCatégorie: Faculté...

Finding Precedent in the Unprecedented: the continued impacts of COVID on litigation and dispute resolution

Lundi, 14 mars, 2022 13:00à15:00

(En anglais seulement) Over the past two years, the COVID experience has changed not only how we argue but also, sometimes, what we argue about./lawCatégorie: Faculté de droit

Transnational Corporations and Infrastructure Development: Finance, Accountability, and Human Rights

Mercredi, 19 janvier, 2022 13:00à15:00

(En anglais seulement) Private corporations are under a legal obligation to respect international human rights. This is an emerging consensus on the international level. But how does this operate...

Inauguration de la Plateforme sur le droit des affaires de McGill

Publié: 5 November 2021

La Faculté de droit est heureuse d'annoncer le lancement de son nouveau site web : la Plateforme sur le droit des affaires de McGill. Dirigé par le professeur Peer Zumbansen, titulaire inaugural de...


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