Book Launch with Professor David Howes

Mercredi, 10 mai, 2023 16:00à17:30
McGill Faculty of Law Chancellor Day Hall Common Room 3644 Peel Street
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Sensorial Investigations - A History of the Senses in Anthropology, Psychology, and Law

“This engaging and erudite book reminds us that the academy suffers, to a greater or lesser extent, from sensory deprivation. For David Howes, history and anthropology invite a crossing of cultures and disciplines through the senses. For the law, Howes advocates a ‘cross-cultural jurisprudence’ in which song, dance, and smell coexist with the written word. Sensorial Investigations celebrates ‘con-sensus’ rather than ways of knowing tied exclusively, and senselessly, to words on a page.” —Nicholas Kasirer, Justice, Supreme Court of Canada

Copies of Sensorial Investigations will be available

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