Addressing Human Trafficking: Paving the Way for an Effective Modern Slavery Response in Canada

Mercredi, 1 novembre, 2023 10:00à11:30
Room NCDH 201

BLP / SGI-OSF Seminars in Business & Society 2023-2024

Prof. Olivia Smith - Max Bell School of Public Policy, McGill University

This seminar explores the multidimensional issue of human trafficking in Canada and its efforts to develop an effective modern slavery response. Human trafficking is a global problem that affects vulnerable populations. Canada, as a destination and transit country, is not immune to this issue. This seminar provides an in-depth analysis of the situation, the legal framework, challenges, and initiatives, while also presenting strategies for a more effective response to combating this grave violation of human rights.

BIO: Prof. Olivia Smith, PhD, MBA, is a Visiting Scholar and Professor at McGill University's Max Bell School of Public Policy. In 2021, she held the position of O’Brien Fellow in Residence and Affiliate to the Oppenheimer Chair in Public International Law under Professor François Crépeau. Dr. Smith is an international consultant specializing in labor migration and combatting human trafficking.

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