Development Office

Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team members are working remotely.

University advancement

Philanthropic priorities, donations, bequests, planned giving.

  • Heather L. M. Powers
    Director of Development
    Chancellor Day Hall, room 27
    Tel.: 514-398-5054
    heather.powers [at] (Email)
  • Eric Greenberg
    Development Officer
    Chancellor Day Hall, room 53
    Tel.: 514-826-6700
    eric.greenberg [at] (Email)
  • Julie Timmins
    Advancement Officer
    Chancellor Day Hall, room 52
    Tel.: 514-398-8814
    julie.timmins [at] (Email)
  • Sarah Després-Kaba
    Development Officer
    Chancellor Day Hall, room 53
    Tel.: 514-398-5045
    sarah.despres-kaba [at] (Email)
  • Ariel Swan (on leave)
    Development Officer

Special events

Class reunions support; regional events organization.

  • Maria Marcheschi
    Special Events & Alumni Relations Administrator
    Chancellor Day Hall, room 32
    Tel.: 514-398-1435

Get involved at the Faculty

Mentorship program, internship opportunities, career development activities.

  • Sophie Roy-Lafleur
    Director, Career Development Office
    New Chancellor Day Hall, room 419
    Tel.: 514-398-6618
    sophie.roy-lafleur [at] (Email)
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