Internship Experience and Assessment

The 150-hour internship is a requirement for the B.A.(Education) Major and students receive a Pass/Fail grade for the internship as part of the course EDGC 398 - Internship. As such, the internship Site Supervisor is an important role as a co-educator: providing a holistic approach to feedback and assessment where the student's learning is measured against their personal and professional goals with a view to growing and improving themselves.

This section explores the student preparation and reflection process, Site Supervisor recommendations for co-creating a meaningful internship experience, and the evaluation process and documents required for successful completion and assessment of the internship.

Internship Preparation and Orientation

Preparation for the internship is done at McGill University through course-based activities, pre-departure training, community-building events, dedicated internship advising staff, and supports related to career planning and wellness. Employers/Site Supervisors are responsible for organization-based orientation, training and onboarding.

Structured Reflection During Internship and Post-Internship Analysis

During the internship, the Internships Administrator prepares and distributes bi-weekly online reflection questions to encourage student interns' written interpretations of their experience and promote affective learning. Reflection helps students find ways to improve their understanding of the experience by reflecting upon what was planned and what was achieved[1]. Answering these questions are voluntary, however these reflections are encouraged to help students make meaning of their experience and to support learning objectives for their post-internship courses EDGC 399 - Capstone and EDGC 499 - Critical Research Inquiry.

[1] Helyer, R. (2015). Learning through reflection: the critical role of reflection in work-based learning (wbl). Journal of Work-Applied Management, 7(1), 15–27.

Site Supervisor Suggestions for Making the Most of the Internship Experience
  • Understand the Site Supervisor, Student and Institution responsibilities and Student Learning Competencies as outlined in the Internship Agreement & Learning Plan 
  • Provide students with an onboarding that highlights the organization's mandate and ecosystem, and introduces the student to work colleagues.
  • Provide tasks and responsibilities that are significant and/or challenging to students, relevant to course learning objectives, and address the community organization’s goals and capacity.
  • Engage students in periodic feedback conversations and check-ins that encourage critical thinking, professional growth and clarity around internship tasks and responsibilities. 
  • Address challenges, concerns directly with with the the student and if needed, seek support from the internships.edgc [at] (Internships Administrator)
  • Participate in the student assessment process by completing the Employer Student Evaluation Form and discussing your feedback with the student on their last day..

Employer Student Evaluation Form

This internship is a mandatory learning experience for students, and a summative assessment is an important and required component of the learning process.

This assessment is designed to record the Site Supervisor’s constructive feedback of the student’s internship objectives and particular professional competencies and skills, within the context of the internship host's professional standards and organizational culture.

We encourage you to share your evaluation and comments with the student before the last day of the internship.

Please complete and submit evaluation by the latest 3 days after the end date of the internship. Email completed form to the Internships Administrator: internships.edgc [at]

Student Reflection & Self-Assessment Form

This document is designed to record student reflections on what was learned and experienced during the internship, relative to the B.A.(Education) Learning Competencies as well as other learning outcomes and personal/professional goals. It also gathers information on resources and activities that helped students prepare for and maximize their internship experience. 

The Student Reflection and Self-Assessment Form must be emailed to the Internships Administrator on the last day of their internship.

Employer Experience Feedback Form

Site Supervisors are invited to provide the ISA Office with general feedback about the internship experience from their perspective as a co-educator, supervisor, mentor and community partner. This form can be submitted within 5 days after the end of the internship.



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