ICAO's Edward Warner Award

 ICAO's edward warner medal

In 1996, The Institute of Air and Space Law of McGill University was the proud recipient of the United Nation's International Civil Aviation Organization's prestigious Edward Warner Award for its ground breaking achievements.

The Edward Warner Award consists of a solid gold medal inscribed for the recipient, and a certificate of recognition citing the reasons for the Award.

It is recognized throughout the world as the greatest single honour the international civil aviation community can bestow, for its importance is derived from the fact that it is given by ICAO on behalf of its Member States.

No other international award offers such wide recognition.

See the original version [.pdf] of the press release.

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The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), upon the occasion of conferring the Edward Warner Award to the Institute of Air and Space Law declared:

McGill University’s Institute of Air and Space Law, through its accomplishments in teaching, research and publication has established itself as a center of excellence in the field of international law. Through its accomplishments, the Institute has made unparalleled contributions to the development of international air law and to the examination of contemporary aviation issues.

Edward Warner Award

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