Space Security Index Workshop 2008, May 14-16, 2008

The Institute for Air and Space Law (IASL) was proud to host the fifth annual Space Security Workshop in cooperation with the Space Security Index project partners. Professor Ram Jakhu acted as the convener of the Workshop on behalf of the Institute.

The Space Security Index is a joint research project of the Institute of Air and Space Law, Project Ploughshares, the Cypress Fund for Peace and Security, the Simons Centre for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation Research at the Liu Institute for Global Issues, UBC, Space Generation Foundation and Secure World Foundation, in cooperation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada.

Its objective is to facilitate dialogue on space security challenges and potential responses by providing an annual evidence-based, comprehensive assessment of space security trends and developments. This annual assessment is developed through open source research in consultation with space security experts.

The purpose of this Workshop was to seek expert feedback on space security trends and developments in 2007 through open discussion and a review of background research on space security. The final version of the Space Security Index 2008 report, which will be released in September 2008 and will be freely available at

The Workshop had been supported by: Secure World Foundation, International Security Research and Outreach Program of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada, Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Ploughshares Fund and Nicolas Mateesco Matte Fund.

Space Security Index Research Team

  • Research Director: Prof. Ram Jakhu, Institute of Air and Space Law, McGill University
  • Research Supervisor: Jessica West, Project Ploughshares, Waterloo, Ontario
  • Researchers:
    • Catherine Doldirina, IASL, McGill
    • Diane Howard, IASL, McGill
    • Yaw Nyampong, IASL, McGill
    • Karan Singh, IASL, McGill
    • Ronal Spencer, IASL, McGill
    • Brian Weeden, Secure World Foundation
    • Brian Wong, Mechanical Engineering, McGill
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