Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. XXXV (2010)

1. LEADING ARTICLES: The 2004 Damascus Agreement: Liberalizing market access and ownership rules for Arab air carriers: Alan Khee-Jin Tan Legal aspects of aircraft financing in China:...

Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. XXXIV (2009)

LEADING ARTICLES Worldwide Safety of Civil Aviation: Harold Caplan Implications of Full Transparency in the ICAO’s USOAP: Jimena Blumenkron Aviation Security in Canada and the US:...

Annals of Air and Space Law: Vol. XXXII (2007)

Avant-propos / Preface In Celebration - Bin Cheng I. LEADING ARTICLES / ARTICLES DE FOND JOHN ROBINS The Montreal Convention of 1999 and the Smoking Wreckage of “Accident” ...

Moot Trial

On this page: Hon. Allan Hilton | Mitch Baumeister | Ann Field Moot Trial Enjoy a moot trial where witnesses will be examined and cross-examined, and evidence introduced including computer...

Moot Court Appellate Argument

On this page: Hon. Richard D. Cudahy | Andrew Harakas | Steve Pounian Moot Court Appellate Argument

Passenger Rights

Passenger Rights - Have the courts overstepped their jurisdiction in interpreting passenger rights regulation around the globe and does this ultimately benefit passengers as intended? - What are...

Unruly Passengers and Acts of Unlawful Interference

On this page: Carlos Martins | John Balfour | Steven Fus | Jeanne O'Grady | Alejandro Piera Unruly Passengers and Liability for Acts of Unlawful Interference

Protection of the Environment: Legal and Policy Solutions

- Are market based measures the solution to CO2 emissions? - EU Emissions Trading Scheme - Consistent with international law? - Is a global sectoral approach realistically achievable or are...

Mock Mediation

On this page: Alan D. Reitzfeld | Michael Carbone | James B. Chaplin | Philip Chrystal | James P.


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