Moot Trial

On this page: Hon. Allan Hilton | Mitch Baumeister | Ann Field Moot Trial

Moot Court Appellate Argument

On this page: Hon. Richard D. Cudahy | Andrew Harakas | Steve Pounian Moot Court Appellate Argument

Passenger Rights

Passenger Rights - Have the courts overstepped their jurisdiction in interpreting passenger rights regulation around the globe and does this ultimately benefit passengers as intended? - What are...

Unruly Passengers and Acts of Unlawful Interference

On this page: Carlos Martins | John Balfour | Steven Fus | Jeanne O'Grady | Alejandro Piera Unruly Passengers and Liability for Acts of Unlawful Interference

Protection of the Environment: Legal and Policy Solutions

- Are market based measures the solution to CO2 emissions? - EU Emissions Trading Scheme - Consistent with international law? - Is a global sectoral approach realistically achievable or are...

Mock Mediation

On this page: Alan D. Reitzfeld | Michael Carbone | James B. Chaplin | Philip Chrystal | James P.

Moot Court Argument on Forum Non Conveniens

On this page: Hon. Nicolas Kasirer | Steven Marks | Allan Mendelsohn A Pre-Trial Moot Court Argument on Forum Non Conveniens Should domestic courts hear claims for accidents arising in...

On Michael Milde - by Paul Stephen Dempsey

Professor Dr. Michael Milde Retires Prof. Dr. Michael Milde retired in 2006 from the Faculty of Law, the year in which he turned 75. He is an accomplished scholar, teacher, lawyer, and a ...


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