Non-Mendelian Genetics


Ziv Gan-Or, MD, Ph.D.

ziv.gan-or [at]


Celia Greenwood, Ph.D.

celia.greenwood [at]

Statistical Methods for Analysis of Genetics and Genomic Data 

Paul Goodyer, MD

paul.goodyer [at]

Genetic Basis for Renal Disease 

Anna K. Naumova, Ph.D.

anna.naoumova [at]

Epigenetic Modifications of the Mammalian Genome           

Guy Rouleau, MD, Ph.D. FRCC, OQ

guy.rouleau [at]

Genetics and Biological Studies of Brain Disorders

Rima Slim, Ph.D.

rima.slim [at]

Embryonic Development, Reproductive Wastage       

Eric Shoubridge, Ph.D.

eric [at]

Embryonic Development, Reproductive Wastage       

Jacquetta Trasler, MD, Ph.D.

jacquetta.trasler [at]

Mammalian Development 

Adil Harroud, MD

adil.harroud [at]

Genetic epidemiology; brain disorders; multiple sclerosis


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