Thesis Based Research Programs in Human Genetics

Admission Requirements 

In order to be admitted into the MSc/PhD in Human Genetics thesis-based research programs, a student must:

(1) Submit an online application to McGill University; (2) secure a supervisor affiliated with the Dept. of Human Genetics; (3) secure funding for the duration of their graduate degree program and; (4) meet the minimum stated cGPA and course requirements.

To learn more about these details, please click on the application process.

Important Dates and Deadlines

Deadline for submitting online application is available here 


Having a secured supervisor means that a supervisor has agreed to on-board you into their lab, for the duration of your degree. A mandatory component of your application and in order to be recommended for graduate studies, is the securing of a supervisor. Please consult the list of supervisors and their research interests. We invite you to contact as many supervisors in your area of interest and in order to increase your likelihood of receiving a positive response.  


Funding amounts to cover tuition & stipend must be secured and guaranteed for the entire duration of a student's degree program. This funding may to be secured through research grants, scholarships and/or cultural and government agencies. Personal or family funding of graduate research studies will not be permitted. To learn more about funding and tuition waivers, please visit Student Funding. 

Additional Information for International Students

Frequently Asked Questions

MSc / PhD in Human Genetics (Thesis)

The Department of Human Genetics provides a unified curriculum of study in genetics. Areas of specialization include: biochemical genetics, genetics of development, animal models of human diseases, cancer genetics, molecular pathology, gene therapy, genetic dissection of complex traits, genetics of infectious and inflammatory diseases, non-mendelian genetics, bioinformatics, behavioural genetics, neurogenetics, bioethics, and genomics. Many of our faculty hold cross-appointments in various departments (including: biochemistry, biology, cardiology, medicine, microbiology, immunology, neurology, pathology, paediatrics, pharmacology, psychiatry) within the faculties of science and medicine. This enables numerous opportunities for interdisciplinary research and collaboration. The department conducts research on all sites of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC), The Montreal Neurological Institute, The McGill Life Sciences Complex, The McGill University-Genome Quebec Innovation Centre, The Biomedical Ethics Unit, and The Centre for Genomics and Policy.


Contact Information

Phone Number: (514) 398-6890
Fax Number: (514) 398-2430
grad.hg [at] (Email)

Mailing Address: Department of Human Genetics
Strathcona Anatomy & Dentistry Building
3640 rue University, Room 2/38
Montreal, QC H3A 0C7 Canada

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