Student Funding

Financial Matters

Guaranteed Support (For Thesis Programs only)

The Human Genetics Graduate Training Committee requires that all students accepted into the M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Human Genetics thesis graduate program be financially supported. Current minimum levels of support are $15,000 plus the full amount of tuition. These amounts are to be guaranteed for up to 2 years for M.Sc. students, 4 years for Ph.D. students who enter as Ph.D. (2) and 5 years for those who enter as Ph.D. (1).

The funds for support and tuition may come from the following three sources:

  1. studentships (available from both internal and external agencies on a competitive basis),
  2. research grants awarded to supervisors
  3. financial support from foreign governments, providing it is documented, is acceptable.

Personal or family financing of graduate careers is NOT permitted.

The graduate program is considered to require a full-time commitment (38hrs+) and therefore, except for teaching assistantships, graduate students will not be permitted other employment during normal working hours. The Dept. of Human Genetics does not offer any teaching assistantships, but students are welcome to apply to other departments (e.g. Biology, Biochemistry, etc.).

The following are some of the major competitions graduate students may apply for as deadline dates are subject to change; we recommend that you consult the McGill Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and faculty of medicine webpages. For more information or to download documents and forms go to:

Graduate Studies Fellowships

Faculty of Medicine Graduate Funding

There is no departmental funding available for the M.Sc. in Genetic Counselling Program.


Tuition Assistance

A certain number of tuition waivers will be offered to incoming out-of-province/international students applying for the M.Sc. or Ph.D. in Human Genetics thesis based program who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement.

Students who have a CGPA of 3.5/4.0 or above (as converted by McGill GPS guidelines) and who submit online application and documents by March 31 (Fall) or Sept 10 (Winter) will automatically be considered eligible for a tuition waiver. Once all applications have been received by the stipulated deadline, the Graduate Training Committee will review all eligible applications and award tuition assistance to select top candidate(s) only, at the time of admission into the program. 

Waivers will be granted to a certain number of top candidates in the following amounts:

Out of Province M.Sc. Students: ~$5,000.00 per year for 1.5 years
International M.Sc. Students: ~$13,900.00 per year for 1.5 years
International Ph.D. Students: ~$12,300.00 per year for 4-5 years*

*Ph.D. Students who enter with a Master’s Degree will receive funding for 4 years; Ph.D. students who are admitted directly from an undergraduate degree will receive funding for 5 years.

The purpose of these fee waivers is to enable faculty members to admit the strongest applicants to our programs, irrespective of residency status.

Students who receive tuition funding from external/third-party sources (i.e. home government or cultural bureau) are ineligible for fee waivers.

Duration of the funding is based on the terms of residency for the respective programs. After the terms of residency have been completed, tuition is automatically reduced to Quebec resident rates for all students (plus insurance premiums, etc.).


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