Minimum Funding Packages in FMHS Graduate Programs 2024-2025

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Minimum Funding Policy
for Thesis-based Graduate Students for 2024-2025 Academic Year

Overview: Full-time MSc-Thesis and PhD graduate students in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences will receive funding to support for their living expenses, tuition and fees. A student’s funding may come from a combination of sources including, but not limited to, the supervisor’s research funds, Graduate Excellence Funds, Differential Fee Waivers, and scholarships awarded to the student. Travel and presentation awards do not contribute to the minimum funding package. Funding will be provided to students for a minimum of two years for MSc-Thesis programs and for five years for PhD programs. Shorter periods of funding support are acceptable if the final thesis is submitted prior to the these time limits. It is strongly encouraged that funding be extended until submission of the final thesis. Students must demonstrate adequate progress and meet required program milestones. Minimum funding levels are outlined below.

FMHS MSc-Thesis Student Minimum Funding for 2024-2025








Living Allowance

$22.285 $22.285 $22.285 $22.285 $22.285 $22.285


$5,368 $5,568 $11,662 $8,715 $23,245 $14,769

Minimum total funding

$27,652 $27,853 $33,947 $31,000 $45,430 $37,054


FMHS PhD Student Minimum Funding for 2024-2025


PhD1-4 CDN

PhD5-7 CDN



Living Allowance

$23,785 $23,785 $23,785 $23,785


$5,368 $4,581 $21,165 $5,106

Minimum total funding

$29,153 $28,366 $44,950 $28,891

QC = Quebec; OOP = out of province Canadians/Permanent Residents, INTL = international; CDN=Canadians/Permanent Residents

*Tuition/Fees/Insurance are estimated based on an anticipated 3% increase over Annual fees for 2023-2024 Fall/Winterwhich is reflected in the tuition fee tables at this time. It's subject to be adjusted after review of the Spring referendum period results.*

Living allowance is based on a 5.2% CPI increase in Montreal from Aug 2022-2023

Top-up policy (Supplemental funding) in recognition of scholarship awards:


  • Awards < living allowance:

Students receive FMHS minimum living allowance + tuition/ancillary fees/insurance + 10% of the value of the scholarship.

  • Awards ≥ living allowance and <$35,000:

​​​​​​​Students receive their full award + tuition/ancillary fees/insurance + 10% the value of the award. OOP and INTL tuition/fee/insurance differentials should continue  to  be provided.

  • Awards ≥$35,000 and <$50,000:

Students receive their full award + tuition/ancillary fees/insurance. Additional top-up at the discretion of their supervisor. OOP and INTL tuition/fee/insurance differentials should continue to be provided.

  • Awards ≥$50,000:

​​​​​​​Students receive their full award + differential tuition fees if international student (note that these are usually covered by GPS).

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