A hydatidiform mole (or molar pregnancy) is an aberrant human pregnancy with no embryo that has fascinated and puzzled scientists in all civilizations. This condition is of ancient recognition and its description figures in Hippocrates’ manuals. The sporadic form of hydatidiform moles is common and occurs in 1 in every 600 pregnancies in western countries, but at higher frequencies in other parts of the world.

The research activities of my group are focused on the identification of novel genes for recurrent hydatidiform moles, miscarriages, and infertility and elucidating their functions and the mechanisms by which they cause various forms of fetal loss.

Our goals are to improve current understanding of the genetics of fetal loss and translate it into new DNA tests to diagnose these conditions in patients and be able to provide them with better management options based on the knowledge of their defective genes.

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