Genetic Dissection of Common Complex Traits


Luda Diatchenko, MD, Ph.D.

luda.diatchenko [at]

The psychological, molecular, cellular, and genetic pathways that mediate both acute and persistent pain states

Mallory Downie, MD, PhD

mallory.downie [at]

Genetic epidemiology; kidney disease

Ziv Gan-Or, MD, Ph.D.

ziv.gan-or [at]


Jamie Engert, Ph.D.

jamie.engert [at]

Genetics of Heart Disease

Jacques Genest, MD

jacques.genest [at]

Genetic Lipoprotein Disorders

Paul Goodyer, MD

paul.goodyer [at]

Genetic Basis for Renal Disease

Celia Greenwood,   Ph.D.

celia.greenwood [at]

Statistical Methods for Analysis of Genetics and Genomic Data       

Philippe Gros, Ph.D.

philippe.gros [at]

Complex Traits

David Langlais, Ph.D.

david.langlais [at]

Functional Genomics of Inflammation

Ridha Joober, MD, Ph.D.

ridha.joober [at]

Genetics, Schizophrenia, Autism, ADHD, QTL Mapping   

Danielle Malo, DVM, Ph.D.

danielle.malo [at]

Complex Traits

Simon Gravel, Ph.D.

simon.gravel [at]

Population Genetics

Roberta Palmour, Ph.D. Palmourroberta.palmour [at]

Psychiatric Genetics

Constantin Polychronakos, MD

constantin.polychronakos [at]

Genetics, Schizophrenia, Autism, ADHD, QTL Mapping   

J. Brent Richards, MD

brent.richards [at]

Genetic Epidemiology, Osteoporosis       

Rima Rozen, Ph.D., FRSC, FCAHS, FCCMG

rima.rozen [at]

Cancer, Metabolism, Liver Disease, Animal Models            

Erwin Schurr, Ph.D.

erwin.schurr [at]

Host Genetics, Tuberculosis and Leprosy         

Gustavo Turecki, MD, Ph.D.

gustavo.turecki [at]

Psychiatric Genetics

Yannis Trakadis, Ph.D.

yannis.trakadis [at]

Clinical Metabolic Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics  

Silvia Vidal, Ph.D.

silvia.vidal [at]

Host Resistance

Vincent Mooser, Ph.D.

vincent.mooser [at]

Genomics in drugs, biomarker discovery and development, BQC19

Sirui Zhou, Ph.D.

sirui.zhou [at]

Genetic epidemiology, population genomics, and proteomics

Adil Harroud, MD

adil.harroud [at]

Genetic epidemiology; brain disorders; multiple sclerosis 


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