Genetics of Infectious and Inflammatory Diseases


Paul Goodyer, MD

paul.goodyer [at]

Genetic Basis for Renal Disease

Danielle Malo, DVM, Ph.D.

danielle.malo [at]

Complex Traits

David Langlais, Ph.D.

david.langlais [at]

Functional Genomics of Inflammation

Silvia Vidal, Ph.D.

silvia.vidal [at]

Host Resistance

Erwin Schurr, Ph.D.

erwin.schurr [at]

Host Genetics, Tuberculosis and Leprosy

Donald C. Vinh, MD, FRCPC, FACP

donald.vinh [at]

Primary (genetic) Immunodeficiencies, Molecular Genetics, Translational Research, Immunity, Infections


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