Strike on February 13 for some professors in Law

Published: 12 February 2024

Dear members of the McGill Community,

The Association of McGill Professors of Law (AMPL) has informed us of its intent to hold a day-long strike on Tuesday, February 13, 2024. This follows a vote on December 11, 2023, providing AMPL with a mandate to strike for as many as five days, pending negotiation progress for their first collective agreement.

McGill recognizes the right to labour action within the parameters of the law and hopes that impacts on students and colleagues will be kept to a minimum.

Certain classes affected by strike action

In accordance with Quebec labour law, professors within the AMPL bargaining unit will not be undertaking any of their academic duties while on strike. This will lead to the cancellation of classes taught by AMPL professors and they will undertake no activities relating to teaching, administration, or research.

We expect that courses taught by instructors who are not part of the AMPL bargaining unit will proceed as normal. To assist students in identifying unaffected courses, a list has been made available on the Faculty of Law website. 

Picket line and other impacts

We expect to see picket lines on public property around the downtown campus, as is within the rights of striking employees. However, they may not picket on University grounds or impede normal access to University buildings.

If students or staff need additional information or support, they can email academic-related questions to doyen.droit [at] and send labour-relations questions to infonego [at] We will attempt to direct inquiries to the appropriate channel for a timely response.

We regret any inconvenience that the AMPL strike action poses to community members. We hope it will be undertaken in a spirit of mutual respect and with a view to resuming normal activities and negotiations as soon as possible.


Francis Desjardins
Director, Labour and Employee Relations

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