Negotiation update: MCLIU (Course Lecturers/Instructors)


Published: 1Feb2019

Since the last update, the parties have met for half-day negotiation sessions on December 5 and January 15, 18 and 22. During these meetings, the parties further discussed and exchanged proposals relative to the course allocation clause. This clause has been the subject of many discussions between the parties in recent months, and as of yet the parties remain unable to reach an agreement.

Following the last counter offer from McGill on January 18, the Union found that there still existed significant differences between the two sides. As a result, the Union communicated to the Employer that the matter be referred back to arbitration as per the agreement, setting out December 31, 2018, as the deadline to negotiate an acceptable resolution on article 15.03. The Union suggested that the parties continue their negotiations on other articles of the Collective Agreement.

McGill shared the view that there was limited progress since the exchange of proposals on June 6, 2018. As a result, McGill informed the Union that they would make a formal request for the assistance of a Conciliator from Quebec’s Ministry of Labour in order to help the parties reach an agreement on the remaining elements of the negotiations. Such a request was issued to the Ministry on January 22, 2019, and the Conciliator is expected to schedule a meeting with the parties in the very near future. Negotiations will then continue with the Conciliator’s assistance.

This update is meant to inform the community about ongoing negotiations and has been validated by the Union.

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