Negotiation Update: AMUSE (Floor Fellows)

Published: 30 June 2021

On September 29, 2020, the parties met to exchange non-monetary proposals for the renewal of the collective agreement for Floor Fellows. The collective agreement expired on July 3, 2020. Since then, the Parties have met 19 times for half-day virtual sessions. Several non-monetary items have been agreed upon between the parties, including:

  1. Psychological and Sexual Harassment;
  2. Employee File;
  3. Disciplinary Measures;
  4. Probationary period;
  5. Posting and Granting of Assignments.

Since March, the Parties have met 9 times to discuss the Union’s proposals with respect to:

  1. The inclusion of principles and values in the collective agreement;
  2. First aid training costs;
  3. Floor Fellow to student ratios in residences;
  4. Guest sign in policy;
  5. Maximum number of guests permitted in a Floor Fellow room;
  6. The required notice period to Floor Fellow’s room for the purposes of maintenance.

Both parties have made significant efforts to reach a common ground however have been unable to reach an agreement on the items mentioned above. Consequently, in an effort to progress discussions, McGill has made the request for conciliation with the Ministry of Labour. We believe that a neutral third party will be beneficial in progressing discussions. A Conciliator has been appointed by the Ministry of Labour and a couple of meeting dates have been scheduled this summer.

There are other outstanding discussions that are ongoing or pending, including vacation indemnity, social leaves and general provisions. We expect these discussions will resume upon conciliation.

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