Negotiation update: AGSEM Unit 1 (Teaching Assistants)

Published: 6 January 2020

Since our last update in July, the Parties have met eight times. The meetings provided the Parties with the opportunity to express their views and their respective positions on the content of the Harassment and Discrimination provision. On October 10, the Union requested the assistance of a Conciliator from the Ministry of Labour. With the assistance of the Conciliator, three meetings took place on the topic of Harassment and Discrimination, more specifically on the application of the University policy Against Sexual Violence. After the exchange of several proposals, the Union decided to set aside the Employer’s latest proposal on Harassment and Discrimination for the time being in order to discuss other topics. The Parties then engaged in discussions on Workload and Applications forms, which they were able to finalize and agree on.

The last two meetings of the Fall term were dedicated to the exchange and explanation of the Parties’ respective monetary proposals. Discussions of the monetary elements will continue in the New Year in the presence of the Conciliator. Future meeting dates will be established once the availabilities of all the Parties has been confirmed.

This update is meant to inform the community about ongoing negotiations and has been validated by the union.

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