Faculty Members

Name Position Specialization Office and Office Hours Phone and Email

Professor Malek Abisaab

Abisaab, Malek

Associate Professor

Social and Political Transformation of the Middle East, Women in Islamic Societies, 1800 - Today

Leacock 620


3:00-5:30 pm

514-398-4400 ext.09325

malek.abisaab [at] mcgill.ca  

Professor Wendell Nii Laryea Adjetey

Adjetey, Wendell Nii Laryea

Assistant Professor and William Dawson Chair

Post-Reconstruction U.S., African American, African Diaspora, Transnational history

Leacock 630



& by appointment

514-398-4400 ext.09211

wendell.adjetey [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Anastssiadis

Anastassiadis, Anastassios (Tassos)

Associate Professor of History & Phrixos B. Papachristidis Chair in Modern Greek Studies,

Director of Classical Studies

Neo-Hellenic Studies, Greek and Mediterranean History, Transnational History, 1450 - Today

Jan 4-Feb 29 '23:

Leacock 827

Tuesdays & Thursdays

10:00-11:30 am


Mar 1 - April 12 2023

Zoom by appointment

514-398-4400 ext.094283

tassos.anastassiadis [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Noelani Manuela Arista

Arista, Noelani Manuela

Associate Professor

Pre-Contact - 1900

Leacock 626

noelani.arista [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Subho Basu

Basu, Subho

Associate Professor South Asia, 1900 - Today

Leacock 616

Wednesday 11:00-12:00 & subho.basu [at] mcgill.ca (email) for appointment

514-398-4400 ext.00175

subho.basu [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Travis Bruce

Bruce, Travis

Assistant Professor Medieval Intercultural Relations, 600 - 1450

Leacock 608A

Tuesday 14:35-15:35 & Wednesday 14:35-15:35


travis.bruce [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Gwyn Campbell

Campbell, Gwyn


Professor, Canada Research Chair in Indian Ocean World History, and Director of the Indian Ocean World Centre

Economic and Environmental History of the Indian Ocean World, 2000 BCE – Today; Economic and Environmental History of Africa, 2000 BCE – Today; Slavery and the Slave Trade; History of Madagascar; European Expansion Overseas, 1500-1945; The Evangelical Revival and the Missionary Movement 1730-1914 3460 McTavish Rm 100

514-398-4400 ext.00269

gwyn.campbell [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Brian Cowan

Cowan, Brian

Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair in Early Modern British History

Social and Cultural History of Ideas, Early Modern Britain, 1450 - 1800

Winter 2023: On Leave

No office hours

514-398-4400 ext.09292

brian.cowan2 [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Catherine Desbarats

Desbarats, Catherine

Associate Professor & Department Chair Historiography and Finances of Pre-Industrial Colonial States, French Atlantic, 1450 - 1800

Leacock 621



Office hours in LEA 618

514-398-4400 ext.094345

catherine.desbarats [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Nicholas Dew

Dew, Nicholas

Associate Professor Europe, France, Atlantic World, 1450 - 1800

Leacock 623

514-398-4400 ext.09249

nicholas.dew [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Edward Dunsworth

Dunsworth, Edward

Assistant Professor Canada and the World, Migration, Labour, 1900-today

Leacock 628


3:00-4:00 pm

edward.dunsworth [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Elizabeth Elbourne

Elbourne, Elizabeth

Associate Professor

Britain and the British empire; southern Africa; colonial North America.Comparative Indigenous history; settler colonialism; humanitarianism; history of religion; gender history

Ferrier 492


1:30 - 2:45 pm


10:45 -11:45 am

Zoom by appointment

514-398-4400 ext.094266

elizabeth.elbourne [at] mcgill.ca

Michael Fronda Headshot

Fronda, Michael

Associate Dean (Academic),

Faculty of Arts

Roman history, Roman Italy, Latin literature, 2000 BCE - 600 CE

Dawson Hall 308 

by appointment only


michael.fronda [at] mcgill.ca

Professor William Gladhill

Gladhill, William

Associate Professor Classics

Leacock 609

by appointment

514-398-4400 ext.089512

classicsundergradadvising [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Elsbeth Heaman

Heaman, Elsbeth

Professor Canadian Social, Political and Medical History, 1800 - 1900

Ferrier 490

Tuesday 13:30-15:30

514-398-4400 ext.094892

elsbeth.heaman [at] mcgill.ca


Hundert, Gershon


Leanor Segal Professor of Jewish Studies

Jewish History, 1450 - 1900

Leacock 828

Tuesday and Thursday


& by appointment


Gershon.Hundert [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Kristy Ironside

Ironside, Kristy

Assistant Professor

Russian and Soviet History, History of Communism, Socialist Political Economy, the Welfare State, the USSR and Russia in the world, 1900 - Today

Leacock 608B




kristy.ironside [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Naomi Kaloudis

Kaloudis, Naomi

Faculty Lecturer Classics

LEA 637


1:30-2:30 pm


2:30-3:30 pm

514-398-4400 ext.00946

naomi.kaloudis [at] mcgill.ca

Kleinman, Brahm

Faculty Lecturer


Leacock 634

Wednesday 12:00-1:00 pm


2:00 - 3:00 pm


brahm.kleinman [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Lynn Kozak

Kozak, Lynn

Associate Professor

Archaic and Classical Greek Literature

Contemporary Performance, Translation and Reception

Contemporary Horror Media and Television Studies

Leacock 625


514-398-4400 ext.09267

lynn.kozak [at] mcgill.ca

Krapfl, James

Associate Professor

European political culture and mentalities, especially in central Europe, 1450-Today

On Sabbatical until Aug 31, 2023

Leacock 631

514-398-4400 ext.00971

James.Krapfl [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Brian Lewis

Lewis, Brian

Professor British History since 1789; LGBT/Queer history; urban history; history of the middle classes

Leacock 613


10:30-11:30 & Wednesday 11:30-12:30

Zoom link

514-398-4400 ext.00684

brian.lewis [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Lorenz Luthi

Lüthi, Lorenz

 Professor History of International Relations, Cold War, Communist World, Soviet Union and Communist China, 1900 - Today

Leacock 612




514-398-4400 ext.094519

Lorenz.Luthi [at] mcgill.ca

Pedro Monaville headshootMonaville, Pedro Associate Professor

Modern Africa; colonial and postcolonial Congo; decolonization; global 1960s; memory work

Leacock 610

Wednesday 13:30 - 14:30

pedro.monaville [at] mcgill.ca


Moore, Leonard


Associate Professor 19th and 20th-century United States Social and Political History

Leacock 611

Tuesday & Thursday


Wednesday 11:00-12:00

514-398-4400 ext.094670

leonard.moore [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Suzanne Morton

Morton, Suzanne

Professor 20th-century Canadian Social and Gender History

Ferrier 333D



514-398-4400 ext.094304

suzanne.morton [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Don Nerbas

Nerbas, Don

Associate Professor & Chair in Canadian-Scottish Studies

Canadian History, Canadian-Scottish Studies

Ferrier 332


10:00-12:00; or by appointment


donald.nerbas [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Jason Opal

Opal, Jason


Colonial America; the American Revolution; 17-19th century Atlantic and Caribbean; US politics and Constitution

Ferrier 333C

Meetings by appointment only

514-398-4400 ext.094075

jason.opal [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Laila Parsons

Parsons, Laila

Professor Middle East, 1900 - Today

Ferrier 484

by appointment

514-398-4400 ext.094133

laila.parsons [at] mcgill.ca

Professor David Porter

Porter, David

Faculty Lecturer Asia, 1600 - 1920

Ferrier 330



10:00 - 12:00

514-398-4455 ext.00980

david.porter [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Rachel Sandwell

Sandwell, Rachel

Faculty Lecturer

Histories of global feminisms; intellectual history; international development 

Ferrier 329

By appointment

514-398-4400 ext.094407

rachel.sandwell [at] mcgill.ca


Melissa Shaw Profile Picture

Shaw, Melissa N.

Assistant Professor

Black Canada; Black North America; Race and Ethnicity; Modern Canada; Colonial North America; Black British Imperial Belonging; Intellectual and Social History.

Leacock 635

Wednesday & Friday

10:30-11:30 am

514-398-4400 ext.09284

melissa.shaw [at] mcgill.ca

A photo of Marin Sirois smiling with arms crossed

Sirois, Martin

Faculty Lecturer Language & Literature (Greek & Latin), Literary Criticism, Ancient Scholarship, History of Ideas, Greek Cynicism, 2000 BCE – 600 CE

Leacock 633

By appointment

514-398-4400 ext. 09324

martin.sirois [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert

Studnicki-Gizbert, Daviken

Associate Professor

Latin America, Global, 1450 - 1800, 1800 - Today

Leacock 622

No office hours - On leave

514-398-4400 ext.09370

daviken.studnicki-gizbert [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Judith Szapor

Szapor, Judith

Associate Professor Social, Cultural and Gender history of Austria-Hungary and East-Central Europe, 1800 - 1900, 1900 - Today

Ferrier 482



514-398-4400 ext.094566

Judith.Szapor [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Tai

Tai, Jeremy

Assistant Professor

Modern China, Intellectual and Social History, Gender and Sexuality, Political Economy, Critical Theory and Cultural Studies

Ferrier 480

Wednesday 11:00-13:00

514-398-4400 Ext 094626

jeremy.tai [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Andrea Tone

Tone, Andrea

Professor and Canada Research Chair in the Social History of Medicine

North America: 1900 - Today

3647 Peel St. Rm 204

Wednesday 11:00-12:00




andrea.tone [at] mcgill.ca


Professor Darian Totten

Totten, Darian

Assistant Professor

Roman Mediterranean, landscape studies, Late Antiquity

Leacock 608


13:00-14:00 &



Zoom link 

darian.totten [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Griet Vankeerberghen

Vankeerberghen, Griet

Associate Professor

Asia: 2000 BCE - 600 CE

Leacock 619


2:30 - 3:30 pm 

or by appointment

514-398-4400 ext.09338

griet.vankeerberghen [at] mcgill.ca

Gavin Walker

Walker, Gavin

Associate Professor

Critical Theory; Comparative Literature; Intellectual History; Politics; Global Leacock 627

514-398-4400 ext.09274

gavin.walker [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Heidi Wendt

Wendt, Heidi


Associate Professor

Religions of the Greco-Roman World Wednesday 12:30-14:00; or by appointment heidi.wendt [at] mcgill.ca

Professor David Wright

Wright, David

Professor and Canada Research Chair

North America, International: 1800 - 1900, 1900 - Today

By appointment

david.j.wright [at] mcgill.ca

Professor Robin D.S. Yates

Yates, Robin D.S.

James McGill Professor

Asia: 2000 BCE - 600 CE, 600 - 1450 

SH 688 265

By appointment only

514-398-4400 ext.09269

robin.yates [at] mcgill.ca

Professor John Zucchi

Zucchi, John

Professor North America: 1900 - Today

Leacock 824


13:00-14:00 &

Wednesday 14:00-14:30

514-398-4400 ext.09221

john.zucchi [at] mcgill.ca


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