Lorenz Lüthi

Lorenz Lüthi
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Leacock, Rm 612
Department of History 855 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 2T7

514-398-4400 ext.094519
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Lorenz.Luthi [at] mcgill.ca
Leacock, Rm 612

PhD (Yale) 2003
lic. phil. I Universität Zürich (1995)

Specialization by time period: 
1900 - Today
Specialization by geographical area: 
North America
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Tuesday 13:30-15:00


Since the publication of The Sino-Soviet Split (Princeton University Press) in 2008, I worked on a large book project the Cold War in multiple world regions, funded by several grants from SSHRC and FQRSC. Cold Wars: Asia, the Middle East, Europe was published with Cambridge University in March 2020. Based on archival research on four continents, the book provides a new interpretation of the Cold War from the perspective of smaller and middle powers in three major world regions and addresses the long-term political, economic, intellectual and religious developments that continue to shape the world to this day. I am currently working on another book project on the Cold War in Europe. Teaching Interests: History of International Relations, Cold War, Communist World, Soviet Union and Communist China. Graduate Supervision in History of International Relations.

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The complete bibliography of The Sino-Soviet Split: Cold War in the Communist World, Princeton University Press, 2008 is available below.

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