Undergraduate Studies in History

Why History?

Historians examine the past, not because they are backward-looking nostalgics. Rather it is impossible to understand the present without the aid of historical analysis. Historical perspective connects us to the past and promotes an appreciation of tradition and a valuing of what went before. At the same time, historical inquiry is an exercise in demystification, challenging prejudices and preconceptions—including our own. It questions everything, overturning received wisdom, taking nothing as read or for granted. Historical study is a window onto the full diversity of human experience. 

As a student of history you will learn how to sift evidence, to analyze arguments and to evaluate widely differing interpretations. You will develop and hone your writing skills, your powers of critical thought and your ability to present and defend your ideas verbally and on paper—all in high demand in a wide range of professions and careers. Whether you graduate into the historical profession as a teacher or academic or move into other spheres, your historical skills will always prove invaluable.

History at McGill

We offer a wide variety of exciting courses on diverse cultures and societies around the world from antiquity to contemporary times, as well as covering thematic subjects such as historical theory and methodology, history and sexuality, imperialism and colonialism, histories of science, environmental history, and the history of thought and ideas. Follow the links on the left or meet with an advisor to learn more about our course offerings and program options.

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