Awards & Scholarships

The History Department would like to remind Year 3 students in our undergraduate history programs that information regarding Graduate Program funding for SSHRC - CGS Masters fellowships is available on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office website: GPSO

History Department Awards

The following awards are by nomination of the History Department:

The Maurice and Sara Greenblatt Scholarships 3 prizes of up to $850 each

Three scholarships bequeathed by Mrs. Greenblatt, for students proceeding from the intermediate year(s) to the final year, preference given to students in Modern Languages (other than English) or in History. Awarded on the recommendation by a committee selected from the History and Modern Languages Departments.

The Senator Lazarus Phillips Scholarship in History - up to $1,000

Established in 1986 by friends of Senator Lazarus Phillips in honour of his 90th birthday and awarded to a student for excellence in the honours or major program. Awarded on the recommendation of the History Department.

C.C. Bayley Prize in History - up to $500

Established in honour of Professor C.C. Bayley who taught in the Department of History between 1932 and 1996. Awarded by the Faculty of Arts Scholarships Committee, on the recommendation of the History Department, to a graduating student with a major concentration in History, on the basis of academic standing.

The Historical Society’s Prize - up to $250

Awarded jointly by the Executive of the Historical society and the Chair of the History Department to the undergraduate in the initial year showing the greatest promise in history and intending to read for honours in the subject.

The Howard Weinroth Memorial Essay Prize - up to $200

Established by the students, colleagues and friends of the late Howard Weinroth. Awarded on the recommendation of the History Department to the undergraduate student in majors or in honours history submitting the outstanding essay in British History to a panel of historians selected by the Department Chair.

The Madelene Hodgson Prize in History - up to $200

Endowed by the I.O.D.E. in recognition of the work done by the late Mrs. W.C. Hodgson as President of the Provincial Chapter of Quebec. Awarded by the History Department to the intermediate year honours student in history for the most outstanding work in this subject.

The Irish Protestant Benevolent Society Prize - $100

Awarded for the best essay on the subject of Ireland or the Irish in Ireland or elsewhere.

Audrey Charlton Cameron Scholarship - Value: Varies

Established in 2021 by her family to remember Audrey Charlton Cameron, a beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother whose values included the importance of family, education, and integrity. As a lifelong Montrealer, she had a deep affinity to McGill and believed it was important to study history so as to learn from it and avoid repeating mistakes of the past. Awarded annually on the basis of academic merit to an outstanding undergraduate student enrolled in the honours or joint honours History program.

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