History Students' Association

The HSA is the History Students’ Association. We represent all History students including those pursuing Minors, Majors, Honours and Joint Honours programs as well as any McGill students enrolled in at least one history class. The HSA exists to foster camaraderie, networking, and friendship among history students through fun events, peer support, and advising. 

We hold Wine and Cheeses, Trivia Nights, Movie Nights, Pub Nights, and Current Events Symposiums. We also publish the annual Historical Discourses Undergraduate Journal.

HSA Office: Room 629, Stephen Leacock Building

Email us at:
mcgill.hsa.president [at] gmail.com (Shannon Stemper) - HSA President
mcgill.hsa.internal [at] gmail.com (Reagan Coles) - VP Internal
mcgill.hsa.external [at] gmail.com (Shannon Vezina) - VP External
mcgill.hsa.academic [at] gmail.com (Julian Miller) - VP Academic
mcgill.hsa.finance [at] gmail.com (Annie Costello) - VP Finance
mcgill.hsa.events [at] gmail.com (Selena Cai) - VP Events
mcgill.hsa.communications [at] gmail.com (Lis Riveros) - VP Communications

Social Media:

HSA Website
HSA on Facebook



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