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Krystle van Hoof appointed Managing Director and CEO

Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives (HBHL) is pleased to announce the appointment of Krystle van Hoof as Managing Director and CEO

Over the past two decades, Krystle held a variety of leadership positions within the federal government, the United Nations and the non-profit sector.

Published: 29 May 2019

Advancing neuroscience technology and treatment around the world

HBHL-supported inaugural meeting of the Global Brain Consortium to explore the potential of EEG to pave the way

On May 9 and 10, experts from around the world will gather at McGill University to address global disparities in brain and mental health research and treatment, especially in low- and middle-income countries.

Published: 8 May 2019

Research collaboration to accelerate the development of new therapies to fight neurodegeneration

CQDM, Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives (HBHL), Corbin Therapeutics and Brain Canada award $1.5 million to McGill Professor Philippe Gros who will pursue the development of new molecules to fight neuroinflammation

Published: 2 May 2019

Canadian open neuroscience data community meets in Toronto

Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives (HBHL) is pleased to be supporting the First Annual Canadian Open Neuroscience (CONP) meeting, which kicks off on Monday, April 29, at the Royal Canadian Military Institute (RCMI) in Toronto.

Published: 29 Apr 2019

HBHL fellowship plants the seeds of an international collaboration

Andrija Stajduhar was an HBHL Visiting Fellow in 2017 in the neuroinformatics lab of Dr. Alan Evans at the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI). He has since returned to his home country, Croatia, where he is a Research Assistant at the Croatian Institute for Brain Research.

Published: 4 Jan 2019

Year-in-Review: The HBHL Training Program

Training highly qualified researchers, clinicians, and informaticians is an important component of McGill’s Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives (HBHL) initiative. HBHL’s training program has grown over the past year, with a wealth of opportunities for funding, networking, and professional development available to McGill research trainees in neuroscience and related disciplines.

Highlights of 2018:

Published: 21 Dec 2018

Montréal’s flagship AI and Neuroscience conference is nerve central for both disciplines

The Montreal Artificial Intelligence and Neuroscience (MAIN) conference will kick off on Sunday, December 9, with two days of lectures followed by a two-day programming workshop. Now in its second year, the gathering attracts researchers working at the intersection of AI and Neuroscience in dynamic and interconnected Montreal-based hubs. HBHL caught up with co-organizer Dr.

Published: 6 Dec 2018

Neuroscience partnership supports the development of a new drug-screening protocol to accelerate the search for effective therapies

Genes run just about everything that happens in our bodies, including how proteins behave in the brain. Too little or too much of a particular protein can cause some of the most devastating neurological diseases and disorders.

Published: 5 Dec 2018

Two brains prove better than one in the inaugural round of the McGill-Western Collaboration Grant program

The first round of the McGill-Western Collaboration Grant awards was announced today, showcasing the unique research partnership between Western University’s BrainsCAN and McGill University’s Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives (HBHL) initiative.

Published: 22 Nov 2018

The science of persuasive public speaking

Jay Olson, a McGill PhD candidate in Psychiatry, makes public speaking look easy, but with some training and a few tips from neuroscience and psychology, anyone can improve their presentation skills.

Students packed the de Grandpré Communications Centre at The Neuro on Tuesday, October 23, for “The neuroscience of persuasion and effective public speaking”, a HBHL-SKILLSETS workshop led by Olson, who won McGill’s 2018 Three-Minute Thesis Competition.

Published: 25 Oct 2018

Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives launches second round of the Innovative Ideas competition

Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives (HBHL) is pleased to announce the second round of its Innovative Ideas competition. The Innovative Ideas Program supports the exploration of novel ideas with the potential for breakthrough science. At least 8 projects will be awarded up to $200,000 over 2 years.

The deadline for submitting a Letter of Intent (LOI) is November 23, 2018, 5:00 pm EST

Published: 22 Oct 2018

Workshop prepares young researchers to be smart users of machine learning tools

Young scientists in the field of cognitive neuroscience got expert guidance and hands-on training in machine learning at a workshop organized by Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives (HBHL) and the McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (MCIN), from October 15 to 17.

Lesson number one: Beware of the buzz.

Published: 19 Oct 2018

MEDTEQ and HBHL join forces to simplify and accelerate the commercialization of innovative medical technologies in neuroscience

The Consortium for Industrial Research and Innovation in Medical Technologies, MEDTEQ, and the Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives (HBHL) initiative of McGill University are pleased to announce a joint agreement that will harmonize the process of developing research and innovation projects related to medical technologies.

Published: 3 Oct 2018

Carriers at higher risk of developing neurodegenerative disease

A team of Canadian scientists, including researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (The Neuro), has discovered the first French-Canadian founder mutation gene linked to synucleinopathies, a group of neurodegenerative diseases that includes Parkinson’s disease (PD), dementia with Lewy-Bodies (DLB) and multiple system atrophy (MSA).

Published: 2 Oct 2018

Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives Launches New Postdoctoral Fellowship Competition

Healthy Brains for Healthy Lives (HBHL), in conjunction with Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (GPS), is pleased to announce the launch of its Postdoctoral Fellowship Competition.

Published: 20 Sep 2018


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