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ICID AGGP Workshop

August 12-17, 2018. Saskatoon, SK

The 2018 International Conference and 69th IEC Meeting of the ICID was held in Saskatoon, SK on August 12-17. The theme of the ICID conference was “Innovative and Sustainable Agri-water Management: Adapting to a Variable and Changing Climate.” The theme was explored through three sub-themes: Competing Water Demands; Resilient Agriculture – Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change; and Irrigation and Drainage in Perspective. The ICID conference featured a special workshop on Agricultural Greenhouse Gases, chaired by Professor Chandra Madramootoo.  Following is the workshop agenda agenda (PDF iconAugust 13: Workshop on Agricultural Greenhouse Gas Emissions), and presentations:

Presentation Title / Presenter(s)


Opening Remarks.

Felix Reinders (President, ICID)

PDF icon opening_remarks.pdf

Greenhouse gas emissions from horticultural production systems in Eastern Canada.

Kaitlyn Lloyd

PDF icon 1_lloyd.pdf

Adoption of water table management practices by fruit and vegetable farms in Eastern Canada.

Ana-Maria Bogdan and Suren Kulshreshtha

PDF icon 2_bogdan.pdf

Effect of irrigation practices on soil nitrogen cycling microbial populations and nitrous oxide emissions in a Merlot vineyard in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia.

Louise Nelson, Tanja Voegel, Mesfin Fentabil, Craig Nichol, and Melanie Jones

PDF icon 3_nelson.pdf

Farmer-oriented Management Support Toolbox for Shelterbelt Systems in Saskatchewan.

Suren Kulshreshtha, Beyhan Amichev, Colin Laroque, Kenneth Belcher, Murray Bentham, and Ken Van Rees

PDF icon 4_surren.pdf

Subsurface recycling irrigation of grazed perennial forage in Atlantic Canada and baseline greenhouse gas fluxes.

Fredeen, A., Havard, P., Papadopoulos, Y., Bouman, T., and Astatkie, T.

PDF icon 5_fradeen.pdf

GHG emissions as affected by fertilizer and water table management.

Naeem Abbasi

PDF icon 6_abbasi.pdf

Current inventory approach overestimates the effect of irrigated crop management on soil-derived greenhouse gas emissions in the semi-arid Canadian Prairies.

Cody David, Reynald Lemke, Warren Helgason, and Richard E Farrell

PDF icon icid_ghg_workshop_august_2018_re_farrell.pdf


AGGP Workshop

January 22nd, 2018. Faculty Lounge, MacDonald Campus, Ste-Anne de Bellevue.

AGGP Phase II team members presented their findings, listed below

Presentation Title /Presenter(s)


An Integrated Socio-Economic and Biophysical Framework for Mitigating Greenhouse Gas Emissions under Agricultural Water Management Systems in Eastern Canada

Chandra Madramootoo

PDF icon A Integrated Socioeconomic and Biophysical Framework

D2: Content Management Solutions.

Mfon Essien

PDF iconD2: Content Management Solutions

Various Methods of Evaluating the Economic Benefits of BMP Implementation.

Mfon Essien & Rene Roy

PDF iconEvaluating Economic Benefits of BMP Implementation

An Integrated Socio-Economic and Biophysical Framework for Mitigating GHG Emissions under Agricultural Water Management System: Socio-Economic Component.

Suren Kulshreshtha

PDF iconSocio-Economic Component

Advanced Multiscale Spatio-Temporal Techniques for Modeling of Transport Phenomena in Porous Media.

Hamid Akbarzadeh

PDF iconMultiscale Spatio-Temporal Techniques

Characterizing Abiotic and Biotic Lability of Phosphorus in Organic Soils of the Holland Marsh, Ontario.

Aidan De Sena

PDF iconAbiotic and Biotic Lability of Phosphorus in the Holland Marsh

AGGP II: Environmental Measurement.

Mohamed Debbagh & Vialcheslav Adamchuk

PDF iconEnvironmental Measurements

Subsurface Recycling Irrigation in Perennial Forage in Atlantic Canada.

Alan Fredeen, Y Papadopoulos, Thomas Bouman, T MacPherson, Peter Harvard & Chandra Madramootoo

PDF iconSubsurface Recycling Irrigation

Simulating the Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Subsurface-Drained Fields at St. Emmanuel.

Qianjing Jiang & Zhiming Qi

PDF iconSimulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse Gas Fluxes from Organic Soils in Sherrington, Quebec.

Kaitlin Lloyd

PDF iconGreenhouse Gas Fluxes from Organic Soils

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Soil under Maize-Soybean Intercrop in the North China Plain.

Yawen Shen. Peng Sui, Jianxiong Huang, Dong Wang, Joann Whalen & Yuanquan Chen

PDF iconGHG under Maize-Soybean Intercrop

Greenhouse Gas Emissions from St. Emmanuel and the Holland Marsh in 2017.

Joann Whalen

PDF iconGHG St. Emmanuel and the Holland Marsh

Analysis of N2O Flux in Southwestern Ontario Using HMR Model.

Tiequan Zhang & Naeem Abbasi

PDF iconN2O Flux and HMR Model


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