Research Team


Name Affiliation Expertise
Chandra Madramootoo (P.I.) McGill University Water table management, irrigation, drainage, water quality, watershed management, land reclamation, agricultural research, and international agriculture development
David Burton Nova Scotia Agricultural College

GHG emissions from agriculture in Canada and measuring dissolved N2O from drained sites. 

Suren Kulshreshtha University of Saskatchewan

Development of a greenhouse emissions model for AAFC and several water economics-related projects for the Alberta Irrigation projects Association and Saskatchewan Water Corporation (now Saskatchewan Watershed   Authority). 

Ali Madani Nova Scotia Agricultural College

Surface and subsurface drainage management to improve agricultural crop yields and reduce water contamination in Eastern Canada, irrigation application research and modeling soil nutrient flows in water

Joann Whalen McGill University

Nutrient cycling and losses of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus from the soil-plant system at scales ranging from the rhizosphere to the ecosystem level and how soil microbes and earthworms soil fertility and crop production in agroecosystems

Viacheslav Adamchuk McGill University

Development and deployment of on-the-go soil sensing technology to enhance the economic and environmental benefits of precision agriculture

Chin Tan AAFC

Agricultural water management and water quality. He has been involved in several large projects related to water quality, quantity, environmental sustainability, and crop production systems

Tiequan Zhang AAFC

Soil fertility and water quality management, specializing in phosphorus and nitrogen transformation and translocation pathways and development of tools for environmental risk assessment and BMPs

Asim Biswas University of Guelph Soil water storage and movement of water to groundwater
Zhiming Qi McGill University

Responses of hydrology, environment, and crop growth to engineering measures, management practices, and climate change

Abdolhamid Akbarzadeh Shafaroudi McGill University

Multi-physics and multiscale simulation of multi-ferroic cellular solids, smart and bio-composites, and functionally graded materials using theoretical/computational and experimental methodologies

Stephen Clark Dalhousie University

Sustainable dairy systems with low carbon footprint

Peter Harvard Dalhousie University

Water conservation and the use of control drainage and sub-irrigation to manage water and nutrient resources

Olaf Thomas Bouman Cape Breton University

Plant and soil research in wheat, pasture, and forest ecosystems for the development of ecologically sustainable agriculture and forestry

Yousef A. Papadopoulos Dalhousie University

Forage breeding & pasture management, and genetics of forage species & their varieties while increasing the utilization of forage crops in modern cropping systems


Mfon Essien, Ph.D Student (Dr. Madramootoo)

Rene Roy, Research Assistant (Dr. Madramootoo)

Alexia Bertholon, Undergraduate Student (Dr. Whalen)

Naeem Abbasi, Ph.D Student (Dr. Madramootoo)

Aidan De Sena, Ph.D Student (Dr. Madramootoo)

Elias Dinesh, MSc Student (Dr. Madramootoo)


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