The specific objectives of AGGP Phase II are to:

  • Develop sophisticated economic models to assess and quantify the financial and environmental impacts of implementing fertilizer and water management BMPs from a farmer’s and public accounting stance in order to strengthen Canada’s leadership capacity in agricultural GHG mitigation strategies and enhance Canadian contributions to the Global Research Alliance.
  • Identify policy instruments which are developed through scientific (biophysical and socioeconomic) evidence in regards to water management practices and their effects on GHG emissions
  • Develop a comprehensive database comprising of GHG emissions in regards to agricultural practices and environmental and soil parameters.
  • Recommend environmentally friendly agronomic practices that mitigate GHG emissions while sequestering carbon
  • Provide knowledge of BMPs that improve water use efficiency, mitigate GHG emissions and adapt to climate change.
  • Enhance partnerships between agricultural producers and stakeholders (society, government and agricultural scientist)
  • Establish an International Center of Excellence in water management and GHG abatement from agricultural soils, built on aforementioned producer-stakeholder relationships.
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