Private Schools

Private schools in Montreal offer a wide range of educational options both in English and French. The registration process starts a year in advance in the fall. Open-houses, where parents may visit the schools and apply for their children's admission, are typically in October and November. Test dates occur later; information is given during the open-house events. 


Directory of private schools (FR and EN): Fédération des établissements privés (FEEP)

Directory of private English schools: Quebec Association of Independent Schools (QAIS)

Non-Subsidized English Schools

Non-subsidized schools receive no funding from the Government of Quebec. This allows them to teach in English without requesting a Certificate of Eligibility to Study in English. Some schools are non-subsidized at the elementary school level, but subsidized at the high school level. In these schools, a Certificate of Eligibility to Study in English will be required for a child to enter high school, even if the child has completed elementary school in the non-subsidized section. 

Non-Subsidized English Schools (Elementary & High School)

The schools listed below have elementary and high schools. A Certificate of Eligibility to Study in English in QC will not be required for admission at any of them:

The Study (All girls)

Miss Edgar's & Miss Cramp's (All girls) (As of August 2024)

Selwyn House (All boys)

Lower Canada College (Including HS as of August 2024)

Kuper Academy

Kells Academy

College Prep International

Greaves Adventist Academy

Alexander Von Humboldt (German school)

North Star Academy (High School only)

Non-Subsidized English Schools (Elementary Only)

The schools listed below have elementary and high schools, with the exception of The Priory. A Certificate of Eligibility to Study in English in QC will not be required for admissions at the elementary level, but will be required for admission to high school:

The Priory (Elementary only)


St. Georges 

La Nouvelle Vague 



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