Private Schools

Private schools in Montreal offer a wide range of educational options both in English and French. The registration process starts a year in advance in the fall. Open-houses, where parents may visit the schools and apply for their children's admission, are typically in October and November. Test dates occur later; information is given during the open-house events. 


Directory of private schools (mostly French): Fédération des établissements privés (FEEP)

Directory of private English schools: Quebec Association of Independent Schools (QAIS)

Non-Subsidized English Schools

Non-subsidized schools receive no funding from the Government of Quebec. This allows them to teach in English without requesting a Certificate of Eligibility to Study in English. Some schools are non-subsidized at the elementary school level, but subsidized at the high school level. In these schools, a Certificate of Eligibility to Study in English will be required for a child to enter high school, even if the child has completed elementary school in the non-subsidized section. 

Non-Subsidized English Schools (Elementary & High School)

The schools listed below have elementary and high schools. A Certificate of Eligibility to Study in English in QC will not be required for admission at any of them:

The Study (All girls)

Selwyn House (All boys)

Kuper Academy

Kells Academy

College Prep International

Greaves Adventist Academy

Alexander Von Humboldt (German school)

North Star Academy (High School only)

Non-Subsidized English Schools (Elementary Only)

The schools listed below have elementary and high schools, with the exception of The Priory. A Certificate of Eligibility to Study in English in QC will not be required for admissions at the elementary level, but will be required for admission to high school:

The Priory (Elementary only)


St. Georges 

Lower Canada College

Miss Edgar's & Miss Cramp's (All girls)

La Nouvelle Vague 



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