Space requests and allocation

This page explains the space request and allocation process for long-term use of space by McGill academic and administrative units. For information on the short-term booking of a space for events, meetings or activities, please see Events Bookings at McGill.

Space requests

All space requests must be submitted to your Space Management Coordinator, who shall process it and determine whether the request is routine or complex. Routine requests may be approved by your unit without further review or approval, whereas complex requests will need to be endorsed by the head of the unit (Dean, Director or other) and forwarded to Campus Planning and Development for management and review. 

Find your Space Management Coordinator

Department Name Email
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Christine Butler christine.butler [at]
Petra Rohrbach petra.rohrbach [at]
Youssef Chebli youssef.chebli [at]
Arts Michael Fronda michael.fronda [at]
Erin McDonagh erin.mcdonagh [at]
Continuing Studies Mandana Bassiri mandana.bassiri [at]
Dental Medicine and Oral Health Science Suzana Kafadar de Rodriguez suzana.derodriguez [at]
Desautels Faculty of Management Michele Forsythe michelle.forsythe [at]
Education Caroline Paquette caroline.paquette [at]
Engineering Sahar El Saidi sahar.elsaidi [at]
Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies Elisa Pylkkanen elisa.pylkkanen [at]
Law Vanessa Batik vanessa.batik [at]
Libraries Lorie Kloda lorie.kloda [at]
Medicine and Health Sciences Geneviève Côté genevieve.cote [at]
Carmen Lampron carmen.lampron [at]
MNI Diana Montenegro diana.montenegro [at]
Schulich School of Music Peter Wightman peter.wightman [at]
Science Marilena Cafaro marilena.cafaro [at]
Units reporting to the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) 
Office of the Provost & Vice-Principal (Academic) Anne-Marie Durocher anne-marie.durocher [at]
Student Life & Learning Natalie Phillips-Elgar natalie.phillips [at]
Other PVPA units Anne-Marie Durocher anne-marie.durocher [at]
Units reporting to the Vice-Principal (Admin & Finance) 
Facilities Management and Ancillary Services Cyril Cavalier cyril.cavalier [at]
IT Services Elliot Stekewich elliott.stekewich [at]
Other VPAF Units TBD  
Other administrative units  
Office of the Principal & Vice-Chancellor Jennifer O'Neil  jennifer.oneil [at]
University Secretariat Jennifer O'Neil jennifer.oneil [at]
Research & Innovation (Administration) Jennifer O'Neil jennifer.oneil [at]
Communications & External Relations Mark Ordonselli mark.ordonselli [at]
Legal Services Jennifer O'Neil jennifer.oneil [at]
University Advancement Nicola Ann Hart nicola.hart [at]

If your unit does not yet have a space management coordinator assigned, please have your Director or delegate contact CPD at spacerequest.CPDO [at]

Space Allocation Directive

The Space Allocation Directive was developed by Campus Planning & Development (CPD), in collaboration with the offices of the Vice-Principal (Administration & Finance) and of the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic) offices, and approved in February 2021. The directive establishes a dynamic process, with procedures and criteria for requesting, reviewing and approving new space allocations, and defines the roles and responsibilities of all actors involved in the process. CPD’s role as steward includes coordination of the space allocation workgroup, liaison with space coordinators, management and reporting of space data, evaluation of new space requests and preparation of recommendations for review and approval.

This directive is a guideline, intended to help faculties and units better manage their current space allocation and to help plan for future space needs.

Space is a University resource, allocated to faculties/units based on an assessment that considers University priorities, program needs, costs and benefits, available alternatives, as well as the historical, architectural, and other relevant features of University spaces.

The directive is intended to achieve the following objectives:

  • Institute an equitable process to evaluate space needs and requests
  • Establish criteria that ensure transparent decision-making
  • Collect relevant data to support the directive as a dynamic planning-tool
  • Promote optimal space usage and workspace efficiency through consistent application of norms, standards and best practices
  • Facilitate and support sustainable space use and management

Space Management Coordinators

Space Management Coordinators are the experts of the spaces within their respective jurisdictions, and are appointed by the head of the unit (Dean, Director or other). The role for this position is formalized within the directive, and is the critical link back to Campus Planning and Development.

Space Management Coordinators responsibilities include:

  • Keeping track of changes in both occupancy and usage of all spaces within their jurisdiction, using the eSpace system
  • Managing internal space requests for all users within their jurisdiction
  • Reviewing all new space requests in the context of existing inventory before considering a formal request
  • Reporting all significant changes in use of space to CPD via the prescribed process
  • Complete forms and submit space requests to CPD via the prescribed process
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