Room Bookings

McGill University has a wide variety of venues - reception areas, lobbies, classrooms, conference rooms, external areas, etc. - which can be reserved and used by both members of the McGill community and the community at large.

Select from one of the groups below:


Looking for the ideal location to host your next meeting, activity or event?
Give us the details.


We offer this service to student associations. Need an alcohol permit? We can help with that too.


Our Permit Administrator is happy to help you with your booking.

If you are interested in booking at the following venues please contact them directly:

Thomson House (514) 398-3756

SSMU Building/University Centre (514) 398-6804

Faculty Club (514) 398-6390

Pollack Concert Hall (514) 398-8993

Moyse Hall (514) 398-6578

Athletics (514) 398-7017

Events & Permits Administrator
Tel.: 514-398-7687
Fax: 514-398-4521
permits.residences [at]

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