Moyse Hall - Technical specifications

Moyse Hall is located on the McGill campus, directly behind the Arts Building.

We ask that all designs be brought in to us 1 week prior to your move in. This allows us time to arrange for all necessary crewing and technical requirements, it also gives us a chance to catch possible problems.

For more information, please contact corinne.deeley [at] (Corinne Deeley), Technical Production Manager of Moyse Hall at 514-398-6578.

Overview [.pdf]       |       Planview [.pdf]
Seating Capacity 306 seats: 270 on a terraced floor, 36 in 6 boxes.
Proscenium opening 28' W x 21' 6 1/2" H
Stage depth 27'6" from back wall to plaster line
14'6" from plaster line to edge of removable forestage
4' from plaster line to edge of permanent apron
23' from plaster line to last pipe US
Wing distances 10'9" from edge of proscenium to SR wall
10'9" from edge of proscenium to SL wall for first 11'
Wing space increases to 20' for the next 16' upstage; but after first 10'9" headroom drops to 8'
On SR there is a 11'9"W x 14'6" H sliding door that leads into the scene shop at stage level
House distances 60' from plaster line to last row
81' from plaster line to rear of house and booth
Bottom of booth windows 21'6" above stage level
Back row audience head height is 8'6" above stage level
Flys 32 double purchase counterweight lines 8" O/C
Low trim is 4'
High trim is 49'
Maximum weight allowable on pipes is 1500 lb.
All pipes are 36' long exept first 4 Ds which are 34'
Stage floor Black 1/4" masonite floor smooth side up on top of 2 layers of 3/4" tongue and groove soft wood planks with 1 1/2" sleepers. Total floor thickness is 3 1/4" inches.
Loading access For all average sized pieces, access is through the loading bay on SL.
The door opening is 6'4"W x 6'3" H x 8'8"D
The loading bay is 3'10" below stage level. There is a lift (capacity 3000 lb.) to bring road cases and such items to stage level.
For over length items there is an emergency door that provides clear access to the auditorium and the front of the stage. The door measurements are 4'2"W x 6'4 1/2" H x 7'11"D
Soft Goods 1 Main traveller curtain red-brown (permanently hung on line 1)
1 black traveller 28'W x 24'H
2 black sharks tooth scrim 36'W x 24'H
1 "double-white: R.P. cyc 36'W x 24'H
1 pair black legs 6'W x 24'H
3 pair black legs 10'W x 24'H
2 black borders 36'W x 8'H
2 black borders 36'W x 10'W
Lighting System 180 2.4k Strand CD 80 programmable dimmers
60 circuits in FOH
120 circuits on stage 60 of which are in drop boxes equipped with C/clamps
All circuits are 20 Amp new style twist-lock
Control is by an ETC Ion
Lamp inventory 20-Strand Cantata 18-32*1K May not be moved from Front of House bridge
22-ETC Source 4 36* 575w
22-ETC Source 4 26* 575w
16-ETC Source 4 19* 575w
6-ETC Source 4 Barrels 50*
6-ETC Source 4 Barrels 10*
20- 6x16 Altman axials 750w
30-Par 64's MFL's 1k
10-ETC Source 4 Par 64 MFL/NAR/VN 575w
20- Strand 6" Fresnel 1k
20-Altman 6" Fresnel 1k
6-Strand 8" Fresnel 2k
20-Chauvet Colorado 2 Quad 200m
16-2 circuit Ianaro irises 1k
4-35' Socapex cables with twist-lock both ends
1-Roscoe 1600 Fog Machine ($60 per week)
Full stock of Lee gel--call for available colours
Gobo holders available for most ellipsoidals
All Fresnel equipped with barndoors
Sound system 1-M32 Midas Console
1-Allan and Heath 12 channel mixing console (10 inputs/2 stereo inputs)
3-Crest FA901 225w 2 channel amplifiers
4-TOA P1090D 450w 2 channel amplifiers for house fill
4-TOA SRF05 Speakers Permanent installation for house fill
2-TOA HLS465-8 Sub-woofers 18" permanent installation
1-TOA ACS05 Processor for House system
1-Radian AV12 speaker permanently installed over stage
4-Radian AV12 speakers non-permanent
2-monitor wedges
2-Tascam 102 MKII stereo cassette deck
1-Dual Disc Stanton CD player
1 Mini-Disc player Sony MDS
10-Technical Project Belt packs & headsets
36-Balanced Microphone lines from stage to booth
20-Speaker lines from booth to various points on stage and in the house
3-SM58 microphone
2-SM57 microphone
2-Crown PCC microphone
1-Senhinzer microphone
Misc. stands, cables, adapters (call for more details)
Special Note All drops and back drops must be flame-proofed before being set up in Moyse Hall. All items will be tested by Moyse Hall staff. There are no exceptions to this rule.