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Dear clients,
In accordance with Quebec Public Health measures, all gatherings and events at McGill have been suspended. We look forward to welcoming you back when the situation allows.

Alcohol Permits Administration is responsible for managing McGill University’s liquor permits and ensuring that only duly authorized alcohol-related functions can take place on campus in accordance with permit regulations. It is also mandated to provide when required appropriately labeled alcohol for these functions. Guidelines and training are also provided to ensure the responsible and safe use of alcohol on campus. Select the appropriate item from the menu.

McGill Alcoholic Beverages Policy

The objective of the McGill Alcoholic Beverages Policy is to ensure the responsible and safe use of alcohol on campus. In particular, this policy places full responsibility on both the servers of alcohol and sponsors of events, for the actions of those served, and for respecting University Policies and Provincial Laws. We encourage you to read the documents posted on the sidebar (the most important sections have been highlighted).

A liquor permit is required for all events where alcohol will be sold or served. Liquor must be served/sold in accordance with the General Regulations concerning the consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus. Both the liquor permit and McGill University Alcohol House Rules must be posted visibly at the event location. A copy of the Alcohol House Rules can be printed here:

Alcohol House Rules[.pdf]

All applications for liquor permits shall be submitted online for approval. Faculty/Departmental permit requests must be submitted at least 10 working days prior to the event date. All McGill Student Groups and external organizations must submit their liquor permit requests at least 45 days prior to the event date for indoor and outdoor events.

Liquor orders for Faculty/Departmental events must be purchased from the Alcohol Permits Administration Office by submitting an online order at least 10 days prior to the event date.

Liquor for McGill Student organizations and external group events must be purchased in accordance with the regulations attached to the “reunion permit” issued to them by the Régie des Alcools.

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